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We've Got Your Back

Get to know what makes us tick here at M Global. We’re more than a third party maintenance provider — we are problem-solvers, communicators, and team players. Providing aftermarket hardware support for your servers, network, and storage equipment is what we do, but for us, creating hardware solutions for our clients is more than fixing equipment when something goes wrong. We are in your corner, on your team helping you keep your things running smoothly — whether that's sourcing parts for an upgrade or additional devices, or stepping in to take care of issues, you can relax because we've got your back.

Leadership Team

Get to know M Global leadership — we're a tight-knit crew dedicated to providing service that lives up to the M Global standard of excellence.

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Our Difference in Action

In our industry, everyone claims to have great service, and it can be a challenge to rise above the noise and show real examples of what great service looks like.

Actual service thread between M Global employees where everyone springs into action immediately

So we are sharing a screenshot from a real conversation on an actual ticket. The proof is in the pudding so the saying goes and we would love to show you how we take hardware support to the next level!

Talk to us. We want to help.

What Sets Us Apart

Rely on Us - We Honor our SLAs

That means when things are hitting the fan, you can rely on us to see it through and get the job done. No leaning on lame "best efforts" clauses like others might.

Solution First Mentality

We like to lead with "yes." It's our goal to find solutions to whatever obstacles our customers might be facing.

Customize Your Contract

Hardware support tailored to fit your needs and unique situation.

Communication is Key

You can expect to get the response you need and know that we will be flexing our communication skills internally too! Team members will be in the know.

Simplify Your Support

Our streamlined process means we can find (or create!) the solution you need with agility and speed.

Expect a Fast Response

You won't be left waiting to hear from us — we are on it!

Our Team is Everything

Here at M Global, we value communication and trust. It starts with a tight-knit team working together to provide an unparalleled customer experience. Every M Global team member is a part of this joint effort, and the service we provide is a direct reflection of our company community.

Our headquarters is in Seattle and with a network of more than 400 highly skilled engineers across the globe and satellite offices in New York, North Carolina, & New Hampshire; we are equipped to provide coverage all over the world. We have experience in a broad range of markets including financial, education, healthcare, & manufacturing, and currently provide service to Fortune 1000 businesses.

M Global was built on the fundamental idea of delivering exceptional service in the IT industry. That was the top priority when we started in 2003 and it still is. Our customers are part of our team and the difference is obvious.

Once a client becomes our customer, they stick around. Our customers stay with us year after year. We are committed to going above and beyond for our clients and we aren’t satisfied until our customers are.

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