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Recycle your IT assets with M Global Services

When you are ready to upgrade your IT equipment, the old hardware may still have significant value. M Global ITAD Services can help you get top value for your assets while making sure they are properly sanitized and can be safely repurposed or recycled.

We start the asset disposition process by inspecting and documenting your current equipment. We will then quote you a price and if you accept, we will issue a PO for cash or credit. M Global can take care of everything start to finish including removing the IT assets and all of the packing, and shipping details. We also see to the data sanitization, refurbishment if necessary, and repackaging for resale. And if you have already gotten started, we can still jump in and customize an ITAD solution that will work for you.

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At M Global Services, we don’t work for a manufacturer. We work for you.

Responsible Asset Disposition

Safe disposal of IT assets involves much more than just getting top dollar for your equipment. A responsible ITAD company ensures proper data sanitization keeping your confidential information protected. M Global provides thorough data destruction with customizable services for all of its ITAD customers including:

  • Certified data sanitization and reporting
  • On-site, off-site, local, or wide-area capabilities for erasure
  • Disk degaussing and/or shredding
  • DoD 5220.22M 3x, 5x, 7x and custom-level erasure

When IT disposing equipment is the best option, we are committed to ethical recycling. We only use IT asset recycling companies who use practices certified by BAN e-Stewards with the highest global standard of environmental responsibility.

M Global's ITAD Services can make your asset disposal streamlined and painless and get the most value out of your existing assets.

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