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Need field engineers?

We got you!

Smart Hands Technical Support & IT Services


As part of the M Global support offerings, our Smart Hands service provides onsite field engineering services to assist in all kinds of data center activities. This gives our clients access to an end-to-end solution regardless of their warranty provider.


Smart Hands Services

✓ Rack and Stack

✓ Hardware Replacement

✓ Inventory Management & Replacement

✓ RMA- Return Material Authorization


✓ Reverse Logistics

✓ Defective Hardware & Media Retention

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Key Benefits of Smart Hand Engineering Services


Free Up Resources

Why use up valuable staff resources when you can outsource to trained professionals?


Save Time & Money

Fill critical gaps in your personnel resources without breaking the bank.


Blended Support

Take advantage of both our Smart Hands and Logistics for a complete solution.



Choose the solution that works for you--mixed SLAs within a contract and T&M services for other assets.


Dedicated Engineers

Rest easy knowing that we've got expert helpdesk engineers and field technicians on the job.



Get the most from your existing assets with responsible and safe asset disposition

Expert Field Engineers & Support


The superior service our clients have come to expect throughout other areas of

our support continues in our field engineering work. Each one of our engineers has

gone through careful character and technical qualification screenings so you can be confident in the dependability and expertise of our field engineers.


Engineering Services for Colocation Data Centers


Smart Hands services with M Global can free up your in-house resources to get on with what they need to be doing. Our trained technicians can handle a variety of  issues and assignments all under the watchful eye of our helpdesk engineers. These services include things like rack and stack, management of colocation equipment, installations, and more. Parts can also be stored in one of our convenient stocking locations while all the storage and delivery details are handled on our end.

Need field engineers?  We got you!


Take advantage of our Smart Hands engineer support and IT services.