IBM Third Party Maintenance Support

Support & Maintenance for IBM Users

Why spend a fortune on maintenance and support for your IBM devices? You can get IBM support services that meet or exceed what you would receive through the manufacturer – at a more manageable cost.

If you’re like many IT or data center professionals, you may not have had a lot of exposure to the support options other than those available through IBM. With M Global Services’ third-party maintenance and support solutions, your IBM devices can keep running smoothly – you won’t have to worry about expensive downtime or replacing your IBM gear before you’re ready. And if you’ve got devices IBM no longer supports, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered for that, too.

IBM Devices Supported by M Global Services

M Global’s experienced engineers can build custom support options to fit your needs, and are experts in a wide range of IBM product lines including:

  • xSeries Servers
  • pSeries POWER5, POWER5+
  • pSeries POWER 6
  • pSeries POWER 7
  • iSeries POWER 5
  • iSeries POWER 6
  • iSeries POWER 7
  • zSeries
  • N-Series
  • System p
  • BladeCenters
  • DS3500
  • DS4000
  • DS5000
  • DS8000

Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Problems

We work as an extension of your team, and have a “whatever it takes” attitude when helping our clients. We are committed to offering exceptional service reducing downtime and keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Expect the best when you work with M Global Services:

  • Reduce costs for IBM support & maintenance: When you switch from manufacturer support and maintenance services, you could cut costs by up to 70 percent.
  • 24/7 service coverage: 24/7 access to a dedicated team – and service response times of four hours or less.
  • Don’t wait for the parts you need: No more waiting for parts to ship –We can customize a stocking strategy based on your comfort level and needs.
  • Support for current and End of Support Life (EOSL) IBM devices: If you’ve got devices no longer supported by IBM and you’re not ready to upgrade- it’s not a problem. We support and maintain both EOSL and current IBM devices.
  • Simple service calls: Since we have a support team designated for IBM devices, you won’t get transferred from department to department or spend lots of time on hold.

What’s Included in Our Service-Level Agreements?

Support Description 9x5xNBD7x24x4 Custom
Help Desk Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm
Help Desk 24/7
Service Ticket Opened Within Minutes
NBD Diagnosis Response
4 Hour Diagnosis Response
Parts Replacement NBD
Parts Replacement Scheduled After Diagnosis (except Sunday)
On-Site Support NBD
On-Site Support Scheduled after Diagnosis except Sunday
4 Hours On-Site(requires full local stocking of all components)
Locally Stocked Most Commonly Failed Parts
On-Site Stocked Most Commonly Failed Parts
Re-Routing of Auto Generated Alerts

Personalized Support Services for Companies of All Sizes

The expert engineers on our M Global team offer complete support for server, network and storage environments with IBM devices. Because we customize contracts and services to meet your company’s individual needs, we can provide high quality service to companies of all sizes- small, midsize, or large.

  • Complete support and maintenance
  • iOS, NX-OS and configuration assistance
  • Supplemental support for existing IBM service contracts

With M Global Services on your team, you get a 24 hour help desk, built-in escalation, and fast response times for your IBM devices. Our engineers have a wide range of skills and experience in many different brands and types of hardware. This versatility allows us to see problems from different angles and offer flexible and customer centered options. We are dedicated to meeting your needs.

We’ve been customizing agreements & inventory options for our customers since 2003. We collaborate with clients to make sure we are meeting their needs. We are serious about finding the best possible solution for your problem.

Learn More About M Global Services Solutions and Services

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