Building Data Center Objectives, Goals & Solutions

Data centers are the life force of business, that's why balancing data center objectives with overall business goals is a vital component for prolonged success. Due to advances in IT, enterprises can now mix and match tech to create more agile and innovative environments. Though a diverse infrastructure has many advantages, it also makes things more complicated.

If you don’t have all your IT ducks in a row, you could be susceptible to major performance and security issues that could prove detrimental to business operations. This makes proper data strategy, planning, and data center objectives crucial for IT managers to understand and apply.

How to Create Strategic Data Center Solutions

Data center strategies and overall business goals aren’t mutually exclusive. In order for both to do well, businesses need to keep them aligned. So, how do you construct successful strategic data center solutions that don’t neglect business goals? Let’s go over four helpful tips to keep your data center thriving.

Tip #1: Create Efficiencies Within Your Existing Data Center

Whether through device upgrades or server rack consolidation, creating a more efficient data center can greatly benefit your overall business goals. Not only does a more efficient data center lower costs and improve operational flow, but it also reduces energy consumption—good for both your business and the planet.

If you’re looking to decommission old devices, check out our ITAD services. We’ll help you get great value for your assets and ensure they’re properly sanitized before being repurposed or recycled. For tips on energy efficiency, view our Energy Efficiency in the Data Center post. Here, you’ll learn which options might align better with your data center objectives.

Tip #2: Prioritize Secure & Reliable Data Center Service

One of the most important goals of data centers is to provide a safe and reliable environment for your data (but you knew that). Without proper security, your data is at a major risk of being hacked and/or tampered with. Not only would this interrupt business operations, but it would also prove to be a huge blow to your company's reputation.

With the growth of external data storage technologies and cloud-based systems, security is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Make sure you utilize an integrated approach that takes the proper steps to create a secure data center environment. Though it may cost more upfront, avoiding security breaches saves more time and money in the long run.

Tip #3: Plan For Future Data Center Capacity Needs

When making data center changes such as upgrades, consolidation, or migration, it’s essential to consider long-term (5+ year) capacity needs. Ask yourself, “In five years, how much capacity could I keep on-site if I modernized existing assets rather than migrating to multi-cloud systems?”

By utilizing existing assets, you could create a more affordable and scalable data center without having to buy, build, or outsource new equipment. Modernizing equipment you’ve already invested in can greatly increase capacity without disrupting current business operations, setting you up for a more manageable future that supports your data center goals.

Tip #4: Consider Expanding Beyond In-House IT Resources

Though initially appealing, maintaining and operating a data center with your own in-house team can quickly become expensive and convoluted. To free up your IT budget, you should consider outsourcing field technicians as a strategic data center solution. These services, such as M Global’s Smart Hands support, help with all kinds of data center tasks. From general maintenance to parts replacement, you can utilize the expertise of experienced engineers without having to spend the time and money it takes to keep them in-house.

Let Us Help You Accomplish Your Data Center Goals

Aligning data center objectives with your overall business goals can seem like a daunting task. Contact us to get in touch with an expert about which steps make the most sense for your IT environment. We'll help you find the best fit for your unique situation, whether it's with our data center services or with somebody else.

By Jon Stubblefield


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