Third Party Maintenance for Higher Education

Higher Education & Third Party Maintenance

A Great Option When Cutting Expenses Is Necessary

Hardware support for higher education is an expensive and complicated undertaking. Even for the wealthiest institutions, finding ways to cut back on spending is a top priority. Third party maintenance (TPM) for universities is a cost-effective and trusted alternative to support from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). While a lot of schools do utilize TPM to reduce IT costs, many are still unaware of the benefits it provides.

The Benefits of TPM Support for Universities & Colleges

There’s a reason why more and more businesses are trusting TPM providers with their data centers. Utilizing a third party hardware maintenance company for universities reduces costs, improves the value of equipment, and helps optimize the entire IT environment. How? Let’s take a look.

Lower Costs

For most higher ed institutions, sticking to a budget is always a main point of concern. With TPM from M Global, you get access to expert knowledge, responsiveness, parts availability, and consistency at a much lower rate than what you’d get with an OEM. In fact, you could save up to 70% on hardware support by going with a support alternative.

How are TPMs able to charge so much less for premium services? It all comes down to specialization. While OEMs spread their resources over manufacturing, sales, and support departments, third party maintenance providers focus solely on support and can operate with much less overhead. The result is (usually) better service at a much lower cost.

Improve Value

With typical OEM support, manufacturers set a time to prematurely phase out functional equipment to incentivize sales of their newest generation. This is what’s called the end of service life (EOSL) date. After your device reaches its EOSL date, the OEM won’t provide support for it anymore. This basically gives you two options to keep your data center running smoothly:

1) Pay for an expensive upgrade you may not be ready for, or

2) look for a support alternative.

Technically, a third option could be maintaining the hardware yourself, but this is unrealistic for most businesses.

If you decide to go with a third party maintenance contract, you can use your data center equipment for as long as it’s functional, allowing you to greatly increase the lifespan of your data center and upgrade to newer devices on your own timeline.

Invest in Digital Support

Saving on support costs with an TPM provider allows your funding to be reallocated to other digital transformation initiatives you previously couldn’t justify including in the budget. Keeping up to date with the proper technology is a crucial value offering in a highly competitive industry, especially after the changes in behavior brought on by COIVD.

With TPM, you can continue to optimize your IT environment over time, saving you even more money in the long run. TPM for higher education environments is an investment for the future — just like what your students are doing with their degrees!

Let M Global Help Serve Your Campus With TPM Support

Though we have experience working with higher ed institutions, each university carries individual preferences and needs. Contact us to talk with with one of our experts today. Together, we’ll determine which support options are the best fit for you unique situation and create a custom support plan to match. Hope to hear from you soon!


By Jon Stubblefield

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