How To Check Your Maintenance Warranty For Hitachi-Vantara

Need to Check Your Hitachi-Vantara Warranty?

How to check warranties for your Hitachi storage equipment

When you're done looking up your Hitachi warranty, come back and check out your post-warranty hardware maintenance options.

In order to view the warranties and maintenance of your Hitachi hardware, you need to log in to Support Connect using your customer account. Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Products in the menu to the left.
  2. Select the products you would like to see the warranties and maintenance for.
  3. If more than one of the selected products are installed at your site, select just one to see it in more detail.
  4. View the Warranties & Maintenance box at the bottom right corner of your page.

What if my Hitachi device is out of warranty?

Third Party Support Options

There's no need to worry! Third party maintenance providers like M Global can provide-post warranty support for Hitachi hardware that has reached their EOL or EOSL dates.

And if you want to increase storage or improve performance on current or EOL Hitachi devices, we are able help with that, too! We can supply SSDs, hard drives, disk shelves, service processors and pretty much anything hardware related that you may need.

If you are looking to buy additional Hitachi devices for your environment, we can help you purchase refurbished equipment that would no longer be possible to purchase through the manufacturer.

Want to learn more about your Hitachi Vantara hardware maintenance options? Contact us today for a fast & free quote.

Talk to us about your third party maintenance options.

What about my Hitachi hardware's EOL and EOSL dates?

It can sometimes be tough to find EOL and EOSL dates for your Hitachi hardware, especially when the OEM you’re working with isn't fully transparent about product information. Because they’re trying to sell more of their new products, Hitachi isn’t very open with the end of sale date on their models, they just slowly phase them out over the course of about six months. If you want to receive full transparency and know the exact EOL and EOSL dates for your Hitachi equipment, contact a third party maintenance provider like M Global Services.

If you have any more questions about warranties or EOSL and EOL dates for your Hitachi equipment, please contact us for help.

Want a better maintenance option?

Want to get quality hardware maintenance for 70% less than what you're paying with Hitachi?  Do you also want to receive support for your equipment well past their EOSL dates? If you want either of these benefits, then you should look into using a third-party maintenance provider. Third party maintenance providers, or TPMs, prioritize the needs of their clients over hardware sales. M Global even offers a fully customized service plan to fit your unique needs and budget.

Other advantages M Global Services has over OEMs are:

  • Flexible SLAs
  • Up to 70% contract savings
  • Dedicated inventory for every client
  • Consolidated contracts across manufacturers
  • Simplified escalation process

Read the OEM vs TPM blog located in our knowledge center for a more in-depth comparison of TPMs and OEMs.

At M Global, we keep our clients in the loop through every step of the service process. We want our customers to understand everything they’re getting into before signing a contract. No more confusion and unanswered questions! We talk more about how crucial it is to understand everything in your service contract here. Hardware maintenance and support is meant to be stress-free and easy—learn how simple it can be with a trusted TPM provider in M Global Services.

Any more questions? Contact us about any maintenance needs or inquiries, we’re happy to help.

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