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What Does It Mean To Be An M Global Partner?

It's always our goal at M Global to “partner” with our clients—becoming an extension of their team and a trusted resource. But when we talk about our Partner Program, we’re referring to the special set up we have for VARs, MSPs, brokers and other hardware resellers.

As we all know, things have been changing in the way we do business in nearly every industry out there. Budgets have been hit hard, timelines are thrown off, and managing resources has become even more challenging. There’s a good chance as a VAR, MSP, or broker that you have some clients who are dealing with budget constraints and their hardware refresh cycles have been delayed or maybe even disrupted all together. Your clients need solutions and adding a line item and some cash to your bottom line would be pretty helpful right now too.

Offering Third Party Maintenance Support to Your Clients

Partnering with M Global Services to offer your client third party maintenance services can be a useful solution for you and your client. But you might be thinking, “Blah, blah—heard it all before, here comes the sales pitch.” Let’s skip the sales BS and talk about what using M Global for third party maintenance for your clients could actually look like.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to the hardware support for your client. You control the narrative, the price, and all the communications. You have a couple of options of how you want the hardware support to be delivered to your client.

White Label Third Party Support

White label hardware support is a popular option because it allows you to put your name on our services. We operate in the background, but are still available to support customer questions, phone calls & emails. All service tickets are processed through our help desk and you are notified and kept in the loop. We also provide sales resources including unbranded sales documents and presentations and call support.

M Global Branded Hardware Support

Branded hardware support is another option that allows you to take advantage of the M Global branding and reputation that we have built. In this option, the M Global name comes with the services you provide to your clients. Again, we are available to help with customer questions and phone calls as needed and all the service tickets are processed through our help desk. You are notified and kept in the loop in the same way as with the white label services. We have a variety of sales support resources that we make available to you—both in digital and printable formats.

Want to see how we helped out a couple of our VAR partners?

Take a peek at our SLAs and our escalation process to see the kinds of flexible support options we can provide along with what you and your customers can expect when they submit a service ticket.

"M Global has been a great business partner and a true value to my clients. They are fast, reliable, and professional."

Shawn N. — Data Center Solutions Provider

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