Third Party Maintenance for Local & County Governments

The Benefits of Third Party Maintenance Support for Local Governments

Many county and local governments are facing a host of challenges this year, but worrying about IT budgets and government server failures don’t have to be on that list. With third party hardware support, county and local governments can save money and get high quality hardware support.

Third party maintenance (TPM) is hardware support provided by a company other than the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and is a great way for government entities to keep their budgets in check while ensuring that their data centers are working the way they should. Government IT hardware needs support just like every other data center out there and third party support with M Global Services can be a great solution.

Here’s how TPM support can make a difference.

Lower Costs

Keeping government IT support expenses as cost effective as possible can help keep tight budgets under control. And luckily it is possible to get high quality hardware support for a lot less than support through an OEM. Another way third party maintenance support keeps costs down is with customizable contracts. A third party government contract modified and tailored to fit specific needs ensures you are only paying for the support you need — not a bunch of add-ons and unnecessary expenditures.

Improve Value

Responsible management of community assets is a necessary part of any government entity. If government servers and storage devices are still in working order, maintaining that equipment is not only more economical, but is also a practical and prudent use of resources.

Often devices that are several years old are what is called EOSL or EOL which means they’ve reached the end of their service life and manufacturers no longer provide support for these devices. Instead they encourage customers to purchase new equipment. TPM providers, such as M Global, provide support for servers and storage devices that have gone EOSL. So rather than upgrading to new equipment for a substantial investment, current equipment can still function and run smoothly.

Support Digital Transformation Initiatives

Ensuring government servers and other IT hardware are running smoothly is an important step in encouraging civic engagement in the digital space for county and local government entities. Hardware failures, downtime, and other issues can put a crimp in the forward march towards operating in the digital space. Third party hardware support with M Global not only helps save money allowing for allocation of resources to furthering digital initiatives, but our expert engineers keep equipment running at optimal levels minimizing downtime.

We also make the process as simple as possible so staff aren’t wasting hours on the phone with the manufacturer trying to explain the issue and get equipment fixed. M Global’s built-in escalation process saves time by getting you straight to the person you need to talk to who can help — no annoying call centers or inexperienced personnel.

Let M Global Help Serve Your Local Community with TPM Support

Get in touch with one of our experts today and we’ll help you determine the hardware support options that are right for you.

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