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You might be curious to know more about the people who will be fixing your devices. You may be wondering — how experienced are they? What about field engineers? How does this whole thing work anyway? Working with people you know you can trust makes everything easier. So let’s talk about our engineers at M Global Services.

Our Engineers

We have a mix of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and Level 1 & 2 engineers on our helpdesk. We also have field engineers sometimes referred to as generalist technicians. Our Level 1 & 2 helpdesk engineers and our field technicians have a broad range of technical knowledge and skills. They may have strengths in a specific OEM, but generally they are able to work on a variety of product lines. Our SMEs are experts in their product lines — managing them for many years. These high-level resources at our help desk oversee the work of the other engineers including the field engineers.

Out in the Field

The engineers that we send out to your facility are called field engineers or FEs. We have a mix of badged employees and long-term contracted engineers. For common issues, we send general technicians. For more complex problems, we send an engineer with more extensive knowledge and training.

Our FEs have a very detailed action plan to follow and any changes or additional work must be approved by our SMEs. This helps us to control the quality of service throughout the process. Also, we make an effort to send the same field engineers whenever possible so you’ll see a familiar face and the engineers will already be acquainted with your environment.

We Know Our Stuff

It’s important to us that our engineers are qualified and trustworthy. That’s why we ensure that they have the proper training, certifications, and skills. We believe the value of hands-on experience shouldn’t be underestimated and encourage our engineers to take advantage of our test labs where they can keep their skills up to date. As part of the hiring and recruiting process, all our engineers go through a character screening and technical qualifying process.

If you have any other questions or want more information about our engineers, feel free to give us a call!

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