M Global Services Gets a Face Lift

New Look for M Global

M Global Services has a new fresh website and a humorous “Office Hero” video campaign featuring Sione Kelepi.  The rebrand includes a new streamlined website that focuses on simplicity and providing the positive experience we want our customers to have.

It is important that the M Global website reflect who we are and our company culture. We want to highlight the human element since that’s where it starts—with a great team committed to providing real solutions. Our commitment to honesty and integrity shapes all of our decisions and carries through into everything we do.

The M Global “Office Hero” video campaign features social media sensation Sione Kelepi as Greg, who becomes an “office hero” with help from M Global Services. The video captures the essence of what M Global does. Since our job is to help people—to bail them out when they are in a jam, we want to draw attention to what we can do for our clients. It’s also funny and over the top, but still delivers that message that we want to make our clients look good and support their business.

Steve Oono, founder and CEO, weighs in on the new M Global rebrand

“I’ve always wanted to go in this direction with humor and keeping it fresh and light. I just haven’t had the right team to put together something that represented it properly and so I always leaned on the safer side—which is that stale IT feel that you see everywhere. I’ve always wanted to be different and to be real and honest and not too 'techy.' Now that we have the right team, our content has the ability to show who we really are, which I think is more powerful.

"I’m a business-oriented person, but I’m also easy going and I want keep it fun. Especially in our space where everyone is doing the same thing and it’s kind of stiff and old school—we’re just trying to break that mold.”

By Angie Stephens

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