A Note From Steve: Supply Chain Constraints

Steve sits down to talk about how M Global can help people facing supply chain constraint issues.

Steve Oono, CEO of M Global Services

So many of us are feeling the effects of supply chain constraints and it can be tricky to get your hands on any kind of IT equipment. Massive delays are the norm for client devices (laptops, docking stations, monitors, etc.), enterprise-class gear (servers, storage, and networking devices), and hardware components (CPUs, hard drives, memory). For many businesses, waiting that long is just not an option.

We talked a little more about IT Supply Chain Disruptions and explored some options and what businesses can do to overcome those obstacles.

But, we also want to shout it from the rooftops that we want to help businesses facing these constraints. TPM is our jam, and we are awesome at it, but we aren't just a one-trick pony. We've always made it a high priority to preserve our agility as a company to help our customers find solutions, even if it's not the main thing we do. It's something large companies have a really hard time doing because the machine is just too big.

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Don't let supply chain issues punch you in the face!

It's pretty cool that we've been able to help people get equipment they didn't think they'd be able to get their hands on for months. Through our broad distribution network and various contacts throughout the industry, we have access to different variations of what people are looking for. For instance, a customer needed laptops and wasn't able to get the ones they wanted (no surprise there). But our expert team was able to recognize the technology needs and find something comparable that would work for them. And because of our distribution resource network, we were able to source and ship it in a matter of days. That's just one example of what we're doing to help people affected by supply chain issues. We can help you, too!

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