A Note From Steve: Because We Give A Sh**

Steve shares his thoughts on receiving service from a company that actually cares.

Steve Oono, CEO of M Global Services

We've all been in sticky situations or moments when things are going south and you have to deal with someone who you know doesn’t really care. It's a battle to get any help and nearly impossible to get them on your side. It sucks. I'm not just talking about hardware support. It could be anything — a restaurant, doctor's office, insurance, retail, or whatever. There's a drastic difference between dealing with humans who care and those that don't give a sh** and don't feel bad about it.

But here's the thing — we do give a sh**, and I want to make sure it shows. Sometimes I feel like a broken record saying the same things over and over again, but we do things differently and are willing to put the effort in to be people who care.

From the top down, we're committed to putting in the sweat equity required, even if that means helping a wrong number program their VCR over the phone or helping a panicked college kid log into their Zoom class. That's what a decent human being does.

And when it come to hardware support, we don't hide behind the bullsh**. We don't shift things around to benefit ourselves, hide behind caveats and policies, or push our customers in any sort of direction. We just want to help them. Everything leads back to the same place. This is what sets us apart, makes us different and why our customers love us. They can count on us and we are in it with them. By protecting their reputation, we protect our own.

Text - Talking to the first line of support during a critical issue be like. Image is man talking to a brick wall

Talk to someone who cares (that's us).

We know the pain of calling in with a critical situation, having 47 steps to jump through, and waiting for what feels like ages for a response or movement to the next step. It's super frustrating.

We do things differently. And even our escalation process is designed with our customers in mind. When you've got an issue, we plan ahead consolidating steps so that five conversations can become one, and things can get moving right from the start. SMEs are in on the conversation from the get-go, and no time is wasted catching people up to speed. Sure, you'll still need to make sure your power cord is connected and working, but we won't leave you hanging. Or feeling like you're talking to the wall.

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Thoughts by Steve Oono

Words by Angie Stephens

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