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What you can expect from M Global

The parts stocking strategy is a major component to consider when building out your third party maintenance contract. Providers can often be vague or rigid about the details and don’t give clients the full story. We sat down with CEO, Steve Oono, to learn more about what clients can expect when building out a parts stocking strategy with M Global.

What We Stock

First, we start planning the stocking strategy based on our experience of commonly failed parts. We can stock every flavor of hard drive, memory, and power supply. We list out every part we will stock and give clients the ability to add parts beyond the basics —we've found that some even want everything stocked down to the cable. One drive and one power supply not enough? No problem. You have the ability to change the quantity of every part stocked. And unlike some providers that leverage inventories across multiple clients, M Global gives each customer their own dedicated inventory. Sharing inventory across clients increases the risk of running out of parts—if multiple businesses need the same part at the same time, there might not be enough to go around.

Where We Stock

Next, clients choose where to have their parts stocked. Stocking parts on-site or locally in one of our stocking locations will ultimately affect response times so it’s an important part of the discussion. We have SSLs/FSLs (Secure/Forward Stocking Locations) in most major US cities and even internationally. We'll give you the exact distance from our local sites to your facility so you can know what to expect during the shipping process.

How We Ship

When parts fail and are used in repairs, we ship parts the next business day to replenish your inventory—making sure that you always have the parts we’ve agreed to in the contract. We individually box and label each part and include the part number, contract number, and a brief description on the box so it’s super easy to tell what’s inside.

Look, we want to give clients exactly what they want in an SLA. Your stocking strategy can be fully customizable and unique to only you. Just ask during the SLA conversation and we’ll work to make it happen. We want you to fully understand what you’re being provided and what you can expect moving forward—it’s all about transparency.

Parts Stocking Questions You Should Ask When Working on an SLA

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