Setting Client Expectations

FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Transparency and Setting Client Expectations

I’ve talked in the past about wanting to bring a level of honesty, transparency, and freshness to the TPM space. It extends beyond the content we put out on our site and our marketing message. We mean it. The idea of the top down messaging really resonates with me. I have a responsibility to set the tone of my company and the way M Global views contracts and interacts with clients ultimately starts with me.

I feel really strongly about setting up client expectations on the front end because that kicks off better service from the beginning. It’s never just a cookie cutter price based on a standard SLA because every contract is very customized and personal. We wrote a post about how we do that here. I know that this “customer service” message is talked about by essentially everyone in the industry, but the proof starts when we take the time to truly understand what our clients expect from our service. And as time goes on and they continue to see that we follow through on those expectations, they stick with us year after year.

As a customer, when you get into a jam, we’re not going to be pushing back because for us, it’s always about the customer. Always. We will continually put the customer ahead of business gains. I know that we’re only as good as our last service ticket. We take the approach that we are always having to prove ourselves and we start over every time a ticket comes in.

At M Global, we are very proud of our agility and ability to react quickly and put the right people in the right places to provide a truly customized service package. We can support enterprise environments and large companies, but we’re not some mammoth service company that has lost touch or control over the level of service that is being provided. Bigger isn’t always better. For me nothing is transactional—everything is relational.

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