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How Does M Global Take Their Coffee?

Most of us here at M Global love our coffee. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how we’d get through the day without that hot, revitalizing elixir. Coffee helps with productivity, reduces stress and increases alertness in the workplace. No wonder around 64% of Americans drink at least a cup of coffee a day!

In celebration of National Coffee Day, our team decided to explore its own coffee-drinking habits and settle an age-old debate: Black Coffee vs Cream & Sugar.

Cup of coffee

Black Coffee

Simple, strong, smooth. There’s an appealing draw to the no-frills candor of an honest cup of coffee in its purest form.

Whether if it’s out of necessity, convenience, or lactose intolerance, pouring yourself a piping hot black coffee gives you the right of passage to scoff at those not willing—nay, not strong enough—to brave the muddy waters of an untainted cup of Joe. No matter your reasons, there are some undeniable benefits for taking your coffee black.

It's Good for Your Body

Not only does black coffee help fight type 2 diabetes, liver disease and Parkinson’s disease, but regular consumption has been linked to increased brain function and lowered risk of depression. That’s right, black coffee makes you smarter.

It's Less Expensive

Whether you brew it at home or pick it up from your local coffee shop on your way to work, avoiding adding extra ingredients to your cup of coffee can end up saving your wallet big time. The average cost of a 16oz Starbucks latte (varies slightly by location) is $3.65. The average cost of a home-brewed black coffee is $0.56. If you were to brew black coffee at home rather than buy a cup of coffee every day on your way to work (based on the Working Day Payroll Calendar) you would end up saving $806.49 a year!

You'll Earn More Respect

Next time you brew a pot of coffee, give yourself a hefty pour of the black stuff. Feel the respect from your peers, the rush of pride, the power.

Cowboy drinking coffee outside while sitting beside a campfire with an old iron kettle hung over it.

Cream & Sugar

Ah, cream and sugar. It’s like an old friend who’s always there for you in times of need. You know it’s not the healthiest option, but who cares? It tastes delicious. So ignore those coffee purists and their love for earthly tones and bitter mud-water. Pour in the cream and sugar and enjoy your day. You’ve earned it. Besides, adding a bit of cream and sugar to your coffee can have some distinct advantages over straight black coffee.

It Has a Lower pH Level

Adding milk to your coffee is a great way to lower its pH level. Black coffee has an extremely high concentration of acidity and can be harmful to those who are sensitive to it.

It'll Help Your Sleeping Habits

Drinking black coffee in the evening can harm your sleep schedule and make it much harder for you to get a good night’s rest. When drinking coffee in the evening, add in milk to dampen the effects of caffeine and preserve your ability to sleep.

Latte Art

If you’re ever on the fence about choosing black coffee or adding in some cream, let these pictures of latte art persuade you.

Caffeine and a show.

Latte art - nine cups of coffee all with different designs from the cream


Cream & Sugar. Barely.

Cream & Sugar won by the thinnest of margins among the M Global team, but ultimately your coffee drinking preferences come down to you. Whether you do it for the taste, the cost, or the peer pressure, choose what gets you through the day and makes your body feel good.

Here's what some of our team had to say about their coffee preferences:

Lots of cream and sugar. Don’t really like the taste of black coffee.

Double Nespresso with almond milk every morning for me, or I go get ‘good’ coffee. Real coffee-drinkers don’t put a lot of fluff in it.

Must have it in the morning but only about 2 cups a day. I like cold brew the best! I only drink black coffee because I’m a man.

Keep in mind, it’s always important to enjoy your beverage of choice in moderation. Unless you’re a little tired, then drink a few more cups of coffee.

Happy National Coffee Day from M Global!

Business woman excited to have a cup of coffee

By Jon Stubblefield

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