What is Hardware Maintenance?

What Does Hardware Maintenance Mean?

Hardware maintenance is a term used to reference the variety of support services provided for the optimization and/or repair of server, network and storage hardware. These services might include contract maintenance, installation, hourly technical consulting services and parts. Resources such as a helpdesk, high-level engineering, field engineers, on-site technical resources and parts are usually included with the services.

Importance of Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance or hardware support can be thought of like an insurance policy or a warranty on your car. When you have a warranty on your car, you no longer have to worry about how much the maintenance and repairs will cost. A hardware maintenance contract for your server, storage, and network devices is similar and ensures that you will be able to spend less time stressing about downtimes and how much everything will cost to fix. Instead, you can pass off the problem to experts who have the resources that you aren’t likely to have internally and they will take care of it. Hardware maintenance support can be provided by the manufacturer (OEMs) or by third party maintenance providers (TPMs). Equipment is often put under a maintenance contract to ensure the support is available when they need it.

So What Is Third Party Maintenance?

Third party maintenance providers usually offer services such as technical support delivered online or over the phone; replacement or repair of server, network, storage or data center hardware; on-site engineering assistance; operating support; equipment maintenance and more. So what is the difference between hardware maintenance you might receive through the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the maintenance you would receive through a third party maintenance provider (TPM)?

Aftermarket Hardware Support

Another term we like for hardware maintenance is “aftermarket hardware support” because it helps define what we do with more clarity. Aftermarket hardware support is the same service you might find under the other names - support services for data center and enterprise hardware from a provider other than the OEM.

Aftermarket support, hardware maintenance, third party maintenance, post warranty support, or whatever you want to call it allows for more customization and enhanced service beyond what you’ll find with the manufacturer. All the names and terms surrounding the hardware support space can get a little confusing, so we did a deep dive into the different terms and relationships. To learn more, check out our article on the Explanation of Hardware Support Terms.

OEM Hardware Maintenance vs TPM Hardware Maintenance

One of the major differences between the hardware maintenance you would receive through an OEM and what you would receive through a third party maintenance provider is reflected in the business focus. OEM’s are in the business of selling hardware and their attention and resources are focused on hardware sales, not service. Rigid protocols mean there is less flexibility in service level agreements (SLA) and often they have broad disclaimers covering them if they are unable to fulfill their SLAs. The hardware maintenance service you receive through a TPM provider generally shows that their focus is on customer service. At M Global, our customers’ needs are top priority and we focus our attention on giving them the best possible experience. We have the ability to be flexible and customize service to fit client needs.

To learn more about hardware maintenance and the differences between OEM services and TPM services. We cover topics such as cost savings, escalation processes, parts stocking strategies and more.

Much like an insurance policy, you may not realize how important hardware support is until you need it. With the right hardware maintenance contract, you can rest easy. You won’t be worrying about downtime or stressing overblown budgets because if you are partnering with M Global for your hardware maintenance needs, we got you covered.

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