White Label Third Party Support

NOVEMBER 6, 2020

White Label Third Party Maintenance Support

The term "white label" refers to a product or service made or provided by one company and sold by another under a different brand. It’s incredibly common—grocery store brands are a perfect example of white label products. Most stores do not manufacture their own branded products, instead they purchase them from another company and brand them as their own. The same concept applies for white label services—the service is provided by one company and sold and branded by a separate company.

So why is this such an effective solution for so many companies and industries? The simple answer is that it’s beneficial for both companies. It allows both the manufacturer or source company and the partnering business to expand their reach and sell more products or services. The source company can focus on production or service and the partner company doesn’t need to spend the time and money to develop solutions that already exist.

How does this translate into the hardware support and third party maintenance industry?

It’s very common for companies to partner with one another to ensure their clients’ hardware devices are properly supported. Sometimes companies prefer to go with a white label hardware support solution and other times, they prefer to call out their partners. In either case, the ultimate goal is providing the end user with quality hardware support. Here’s what we’ve found from both sides—partners that use white label hardware support and partners that prefer to share that M Global is providing the support to their clients.

Why some partners use M Global White Label Support

Some of our partners appreciate white label TPM support because it provides a simple solution for their customers.  Some of our partners are motivated to provide support related services or already have a branch of their business that offers TPM services. In those cases, they often appreciate the ability to keep their support offerings streamlined while taking advantage of the resources and expertise that M Global can offer. In addition, some companies feel that by taking advantage of white label support, they can add to their offerings and it allows them to add a deeper level of value to what they are capable of providing to their clients.

Why some partners prefer to use M Global Branded Support

We’ve also found that some partners prefer to announce the fact that they are using M Global for hardware support. Often companies that focus on other areas in their business and have no interest in offering support services as part of their offerings are perfectly happy to use M Global branded support, and in fact, they prefer it. M Global has built a reputation for quality service so their end user has no issues with receiving support from us. And finally, some partners may find it important to provide full transparency to their clients to maintain their relationships.

Which one is right for you?

That’s entirely up to you. We provide both services knowing that our partners have unique situations and need to consider the factors that impact them most. Either way, you can provide your clients with third party maintentance services from a reliable provider and we've got you covered regardless of whether your clients know it's us or not.

Read more about our Partner Program and VAR Partner Program or contact us today to learn more.

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