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Service Level Agreement Questions

Which SLAs do you provide?

Our standard SLAs include the 9x5xNBD and 7x24x4, but most contracts that we put together are in some way customized to fit our clients’ needs.

Check out our service level agreement chart to see your options.

Can you define 7x24x4?


The seemingly standard SLA 7x24x4 can actually be quite ambiguous. It’s true that 7 days a week and 24 hours a day are fairly normal definitions of 7x24, but the “4” part of this SLA can be interpreted many different ways based on the provider. Make sure you ask the definition of the “4” when getting quotes. At M Global, our standard “4” means a 4 hour guaranteed response though we typically open a ticket within minutes. We can customize the “4” to fit your needs. Based on your preferences and your budget “4” can mean:

  • 4 hour guaranteed response (we typically open a ticket within minutes)
  • 4 Hour On-Site After We Open a Ticket
  • 4 Hour On-Site After Diagnosis
  • 4 Hour Call to Repair

Keep in mind that the definition of this “4” is directly tied into the parts stocking strategy. If you don’t have parts stocked on site or locally, it won’t matter how quickly a technician can get out to a device—they won’t be able to fix the problem. We work with our clients to build out a contract factoring in all the little details so that can clearly understand what is included in their service.

What parts do you stock?

That depends. Like other parts of the contract, we are flexible and create stocking strategies that fit your needs and budget. For 7x24 contracts, we start with the most commonly failed parts. We always define for the client the specific parts that we inventory for them and allow them to provide us feedback on any additional parts or sometimes even a scaled back inventory to help cut down support costs. Unlike some providers, we offer a dedicated stocking inventory which means we do not share parts inventories between clients or other contracts.

Do you have storage facilities in our area?

We have partnerships with logistics companies to ensure we have stocking locations across the United States and Canada. In addition to that, we offer dedicated on-site stocking for our 7x24x4 agreements.

Do you provide on-site support?

Absolutely. We include on-site support for all of our SLAs. Some clients require us to come on-site for every single failure and others only require us to come on-site for the more difficult replacements. If you have resources in-house that are capable of simple parts replacements and you choose to have us stock inventory at your facility, the speed to recovery can be much faster. Whatever your preference may be, we can work that in to your contract.

Where do you provide support?

We provide service in most locations across the United States and Canada, and around the world.

SLA options may vary by location so contact us to quickly find the service options in your area.

Learn more about our service locations.

Response Questions

How quickly can someone be on-site?

It depends. We can have field engineers scheduled to be on-site within a couple of hours, but the SLA will provide some guidance as to what our on-site scheduling will look like. Again, this is another customizable feature. If you need field engineers to arrive within a certain window, for certain types of events, or possibly for specific environments, we can accommodate with the proper planning while we’re setting up your support package.

How quickly will I receive support once I place a call?

Immediately. Our Help Desk typically opens tickets in minutes and the troubleshooting immediately begins.

Engineer Questions

What type of engineers are you sending to our facility?

Field engineers range from general technicians that have experience with the product set that they’ll be touching (servers, networking, storage) to engineers with a very special skill set that has primarily been focused in a specific OEM or OEM product line.

Are the engineers certified? And how do they become certified?

Each OEM provides training courses for the specific platforms and technologies.

Beyond these courses, our engineers have the ability to build out test labs to work with devices that we’re supporting today and equipment that we’re in the process of offering support for. All of our engineers go through a character screening and technical qualifying process.

How well are your engineers trained to support our devices?

Our SMEs are extremely experienced engineers that have been managing their product lines for a very long time. Our highest level engineers are typically focused on one or two product lines at the maximum.

Below our SMEs are Level 1 and Level 2 engineers who have a broader range of technical knowledge, but also tend to have strengths within specific OEM products.

Are field engineers M Global employees or contractors?

We have a blend of badged employees and long-term contracted field engineers. Regardless if they’re badged or contracted, they are all fully managed and their work is controlled by our high level technical resources at our Help Desk. This process is part of what sets us apart from most other TPMs.

Not only do we provide a very detailed action plan for our field engineers, if any work is required that is not part of the script it is first approved by our SMEs which allows us to prevent poor judgment calls and to keep the quality of services very high.

Also, we allocate a short list of engineers to each client’s facility so each customer gets accustomed to the same names and faces; this also allows our engineers to become familiar with each client’s data center and environment.

Do you have field engineers in our area?

We have field engineers in almost all major cities across the United States and Canada.

Software Questions

Does your service include software support?

Although our support is only for hardware break/fix services, our engineers can often times help diagnose software issues down to the root cause. We offer this support as a free supplementary service, but it is provided on a best effort basis with no guarantees to help identify the issue or provide a suggested path of resolution.

Does your service include software patches and updates?
Absolutely not. Only OEMs are legally allowed to distribute proprietary software patches, updates, bundles, etc. Some OEMs provide free access to specific software packages online, but again, we do not distribute these items.
Can you assist with the installation of software?
At times, yes. It depends on the scope of work and our familiarity with the devices and software that is being installed.

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