Third Party Maintenance Costs

TPM Costs


What are the costs of TPM?

How is it possible for third party maintenance providers to offer hardware support services for so much less than the manufacturers?


It seems too good to be true, right? Actually it comes down to a basic difference in business focus. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are in the business of hardware sales. Their energies and focus are on selling equipment not providing service. In fact, it is usually in their best interest to charge more for hardware support as the equipment gets older.  This strategy creates a dilemma for the customer—is it worth paying more for support on older equipment or would it be more cost effective in the long run to upgrade to new equipment?


This is where third party maintenance providers (TPMs) can jump in and really shine. TPMs usually center their businesses around service which means that they usually concentrate their efforts and resources on providing a positive customer experience.


They also can provide advantages that OEMs don’t such as flexible contracts, custom expiration dates, and in M Global’s case, a dedicated parts stocking strategy. TPM providers also can provide service for multiple manufacturers so that contracts can be consolidated into a single contract saving time and money.


Another way that TPMs can save you money besides a much less expensive contract is that they will support devices that are no longer covered by OEMs or end of service life (EOSL) devices. If you have devices that are no longer covered by the manufacturers, you have two options. If you plan to get support through the manufacturer, you will have to buy new equipment. Or you can switch to a third party maintenance provider who can continue supporting your current devices until you are ready to upgrade. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out which option will be better for the budget.


Companies switch to third party maintenance for their hardware support for various reasons, but the most common motivation for exploring TPM support options is the cost savings potential. We’ve noticed at M Global that our ability to save clients money may be what brings them in, but our exceptional service is what keeps them renewing year after year.

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