What Is Third Party Maintenance?

Third party maintenance (TPM) is an option for hardware support and service offered through a company separate from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These third party maintenance providers have engineers who are typically trained and certified across many hardware types and manufacturers like IBM, Dell, HPE, or Cisco and can even offer support for hardware your OEM deems at its End of Service Life (EOSL).

Third Party Maintenance (TPM) Explained

Third Party Maintenance companies offer a variety of services including technical support delivered online or over the phone; replacement or repair of server, network, storage or data center hardware; on-site engineering assistance; remote monitoring; operating support; equipment maintenance and more. It's also possible to customize these services allowing for flexible options.

What Is the Importance of TPM?

When you buy server, network, storage or data center hardware, the OEM usually offers a warranty. During the warranty period, the OEM is responsible for the maintenance and support of your equipment at no cost to you. When that warranty expires, the OEM will offer contract options to continue service until the manufacturer says the equipment is at its EOSL.

Maintenance and support from the manufacturer can be expensive, and those costs will often continue to rise as your equipment gets older—a subtle way of encouraging you to purchase newer versions. Nearly every piece of hardware will eventually reach an EOSL, when the manufacturer will no longer service the equipment. The high service costs and forced upgrades can be very stressful which is why many turn to third party maintenance.

Why is third party service and support more affordable, customizable and higher-performing than what OEMs can offer? While OEMs are focused on development and sales—they profit when you purchase the newest versions of their hardware, third party maintenance providers are in the business of customer service and therefore are focused on meeting their clients’ needs. When you compare OEM vs TPM support, it's easy to see how third party hardware support comes out on top. Not only do TPM providers offer support for devices that manufacturers no longer will (EOSL devices), but TPM contracts are also nearly always more cost effective and flexible.

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How Can Third Party Maintenance Save You Money?

Choosing third party IT maintenance can help you save money—and free up your budget for strategic IT spending.

Cost Savings

TPM providers charge less than most OEMs for service from the start. Clients typically save between 30 and 70 percent on hardware support when they switch.

Extended Lifespan

OEMs tend to increase service costs as hardware gets older—a subtle way of pushing clients toward an upgrade. TPM vendors are focused on service and support, not sales, so they won’t do this.

Increased Return on Investment

TPM companies typically support EOSL devices, so they can keep your equipment functioning longer, extending the life of your investment.

Expedited Service 

Because TPM engineers can usually service several devices on a single call, they can help reduce downtimes that would otherwise cost you valuable time and money.

Learn About M Global Services - A Top Third Party Maintenance Provider

When people call us with a hardware maintenance problem, they’re stressed and already behind. They need help and they need it yesterday. As an experienced TPM provider, we can help clients solve problems and we become a trusted resource that can reassure, get the job done and offer a much-needed laugh in the process. We understand the importance of fast and thorough solutions, and we never leave our clients hanging.

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