Save 70% on IBM AS400 Support and Maintenance.


Stop overpaying for support & maintenance contracts—so lame! Get support for your AS400 so gnarly that it saves you money and extends the life of your hardware.


M Global provides totally-tubular current, post warranty, end of life, and end of service life AS400 third party support. Our expert engineers have been working with these models for many years and we can find a solution to your problem no matter how hellacious!


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9x5xNBD 7x24x4 CUSTOM
Help Desk Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm
Help Desk 24/7
Guaranteed Business Hours Response
Guaranteed 4 Hour Response
Service Ticket Opened Within Minutes
Remote Diagnosis
On-Site Diagnosis
Parts Replacement Scheduled After Diagnosis
Parts Delivery Next Business Day
On-Site Stocking Most Commonly Failed Parts
Local Stocking Most Commonly Failed Parts
On-Site Enhanced Parts Stocking
Local Enhanced Parts Stocking
On-Site Support Next Business Day
On-Site Support Same Day
Re-Routing of Auto Generated Alerts
Defective Media Retention (DMR)

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