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Sure, we can tell you all about our awesome customer service, our lightning fast response times, and how we'll never leave you hanging with lame best efforts clauses in your contract. But we think it might be more impactful if you hear it straight from our customers.

Here's the thing — we love hearing about the experiences our clients have had with us. It's like gold to us. Not just so we can share it with those that might be thinking of giving our services a try, but so that we can continue to strive to make every interaction with our clients positive and leave them feeling satisfied.

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We started looking for a 3rd party hardware support company when the initial 3 -year hardware contract was about to expire. We’ve been using one of the biggest companies for years but were seeking to reduce the overall IT costs. We’ve been surprised by how much money we saved with M Global, in addition to receiving top-level support and exceptional service. We couldn’t be happier with our decision and wish we could do it earlier. We would gladly recommend M Global to anyone.


Our network team has used M Global for the past 2 years for replacement services for our end of life and nearly end of life network equipment. They have delivered on several critical replacements in our production environment and even sent out several devices proactively as on-site spares. They consistently deliver quick and accurate replacements to keep our business functioning in full redundancy. The process is efficient and automatic for the people.


I have used M global Services for over a year now and hands down they are very good at the services they provide. For the systems I purchased extended warranty they sent me a spare part to have it on hand and for the equipment I didn't purchase the warranty they sent me the part by next day once the order was processed on my end. You will not be disappointment because their service is prompt and flawless. I recommend them highly.

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