Save the Sharks

Update: Zoë exceeded her goal and her book is coming out spring/summer 2020. Thank you to everyone who helped.

Join Zoë and M Global on the mission to save our oceans from plastic pollution.

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Here's how you can help.

With her children's book, Coral's Quest, Zoë is trying to spread awareness about the harmful effects plastics have on our oceans. If she reaches her first Kickstarter goal, Zoë will be able to publish her book and start teaching kids everywhere how they can help stop plastic pollution. Each donation made here will directly go toward publishing Zoë's book and will be matched by M Global. Thank you for your support!

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Did you know...

  • Around 8 million tons of plastic waste gets into the ocean each year.

  • About 100,000 marine animals are found dead from plastic entanglement alone each year.