Third Party Maintenance For Dell Hardware

Third Party Technical Support for Dell Servers, Storage & Networking Devices


See Dell EMC models we support.


See the EMC models we support.


Looking for expert Dell hardware support? M Global Services has been a trusted 3rd party maintenance provider for Dell server and storage devices since 2003. Our engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of Dell hardware, including devices that have gone EOSL.


If you need technical support after your Dell maintenance contract expired, are tired of waiting around for parts and for resolutions that take ages, or just want to save up to 70% on support costs, 3rd party maintenance with M Global is a great option for you. 

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See how we can save you money on Dell support.

Dell EMC Servers


Don't worry if you don't see your device listed here. Give us a call at 1-888-675-1895 or fill out our contact form. There's a good chance we offer support for your Dell EMC server, storage, and network devices.


Dell PowerEdge R-Series

    PowerEdge R200, R210

    PowerEdge R220, R230, R240

    PowerEdge R300, R330, R340

    PowerEdge R430, R440

    PowerEdge R530

    PowerEdge R610, R620

    PowerEdge R6515, R6525

    PowerEdge R630, R640

    PowerEdge R710

    PowerEdge R720, R720XD

    PowerEdge R730, R730XD

    PowerEdge R740, R740XD

    PowerEdge R740XD2

    PowerEdge R7425, R7525

    PowerEdge R820, R830

    PowerEdge R920, R930

    PowerEdge R940, R940XA


Dell PowerEdge C-Series

    PowerEdge C1100

    PowerEdge C2100

    PowerEdge C6100

    PowerEdge C6145

    PowerEdge C6340

    PowerEdge C6420


Dell PowerEdge T-Series

    PowerEdge T100/T110

    PowerEdge T300/T310

    PowerEdge T320/T340

    PowerEdge T410/T420

    PowerEdge T430/T440

    PowerEdge T610/T620

    PowerEdge T630/T640


Dell Blade Servers

    PowerEdge 1855 Blade

    PowerEdge M1000

    PowerEdge M520

    PowerEdge M620

    PowerEdge M630

    PowerEdge M640

    PowerEdge M710/M710HD

    PowerEdge M915

    PowerEdge FC630

    PowerEdge FC640

    PowerEdge FC830



Dell EMC Storage Devices


Dell EqualLogic

    PS100E, PS200E, PS300E, PS400E

    PS4000E, PS4000X, PS4100E, PS4100X

    PS5000E, PS5000X, PS5000XV

    PS6000E, PS6000X, PS6000XV

    PS6010E, PS6210, PS6510X, PS6010XV

    PS6500E, PS6500XV, PS6510E


Dell Compellent


    SC030, SC040

    SC200, SC220, SC280

    SC40, SC400, SC4020, SC420

    SC8000, SC9000


Dell PowerVault Libraries

    PowerVault TL1000

    PowerVault TL2000

    PowerVault TL4000


Dell PowerVault Storage Array

    MD1000, MD1200, MD1220

    MD3000, MD3000I

    MD3200, MD3200I, MD3220, MD3220I

    MD3600F, MD3600I, MD3620F, MD3620I

    MD3800F, MD3820F, MD3820I

    NX200, NX300, NX3000, NX3100


EMC Storage Devices


Dell EMC Network Devices



    PowerConnect 2748

    PowerConnect 2848

    PowerConnect 3348

    PowerConnect 3524P

    PowerConnect 3548P


PowerConnect M Series

    PowerConnect M6220

    PowerConnect M6348

    PowerConnect M8024


PowerConnect 5, 6, 7, and 8

    PowerConnect 5448

    PowerConnect 6248

    PowerConnect 7024

    PowerConnect 7048

    PowerConnect 8024F



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Dell & EMC Together


The merger of Dell Technologies and EMC Corporation back in 2016 brought the two companies together to form the Dell EMC brand. At M Global, we offer support for EMC storage equipment, Dell servers, and Dell EMC devices.


For a list of EMC models we support, visit our EMC page.








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Make Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Dell Hardware Problems


Here at M Global Services, we’ve got a “whatever it takes” attitude when helping our clients with their Dell server and storage support. We work as an extension of your team, delivering quality 3rd party Dell hardware support to reduce downtimes and keep you informed every step of the way. Next time you experience an issue like a failed RAID controller or disk, relax and know that M Global has your back.

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Expect the Best in Third Party Dell Hardware Support when You Work with M Global Services


Save money on Dell hardware support & maintenance

You could save up to 70 percent when you switch over from manufacturer support and maintenance services. 


Comprehensive 24/7 Dell hardware support

A dedicated support team is available 24/7 and service response times of four hours or less.


Get the Dell parts you need—when you need them

You won’t have to wait for parts to ship. We develop a stocking strategy you are comfortable with and offer full transparency on what will be stocked for your maintenance agreement.


End of Support Life (EOSL) Dell devices support

We offer support and maintenance for hardware devices no longer supported by Dell, so if you’re not ready to upgrade, no problem.

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Customized Dell Hardware Support Services for Companies of All Sizes


Our team of certified engineers provides first-class service, technical support and maintenance for complete server and storage environments using Dell hardware. Whether you’re a small, midsize or large company, we can customize contracts and services to meet your specific needs.


  • Comprehensive Dell support and maintenance

  • Supplemental support for existing Dell service contracts


Unlike the manufacturer, M Global can fully customize your Dell maintenance support contract. No more expensive SLAs and contracts that don't meet all of your support needs.


With 3rd party Dell hardware maintenance from M Global, you get to decide everything that goes into your support contract. Want ten extra hard drives and power supplies for your PowerEdge devices stocked onsite? We got you. Your Dell hardware support needs are unique, that's why M Global gives you the freedom to customize your SLA and not have to pay for what you don't need.


Since 2003, we’ve adapted service level agreements and inventory options to our clients’ needs and worked together with them every step of the way to make sure we’re meeting those needs. Our team will find the best possible solution to your hardware problem.


Learn more about our process.

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