Dell End of Life (EOL) Devices

Is your Dell device EOL or EOSL?


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If your Dell device has gone EOL, like the Dell SC line (formerly Dell Compellent), you’ll likely be able to get support from Dell for a little while, but before long you’ll have to decide what to do next. Dell will recommend that you upgrade your hardware (and in the case of the Dell SC line, you’ll be pointed towards the more expensive PowerStore line). But that’s not your only option.


If you’re looking to extend the life of your equipment as long as possible and stretch your budget, third party maintenance can be a great option. A support contract with M Global makes it easy to:

  • Save on hardware support costs—up to 70% less than Dell support
  • Tailor a contract with custom solutions
  • Have a dedicated parts inventory just for you
  • Reduce communication headaches with our simple escalation process
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What to do when your Dell hardware goes EOL or EOSL


Once your Dell equipment goes EOL or EOSL, you’ve got a few options.


1. Upgrade to the latest version of your equipment. Sometimes, like in the case of the Dell SC line, the whole line goes EOL, so you may need to transition to a different series all together. Dell is recommending the PowerStore series as the upgrade for Dell SC EOL equipment. It’s true that there are more features, but the price tag is significantly more too.


2. Keep your current Dell devices and get hardware support with a TPM provider. Your Dell EOL or EOSL equipment can be supported long after it’s no longer possible to get support from Dell. Extending the life of your hardware is good for the budget and saves you the headache of having to deal with potential issues by yourself.


3. If you have the time and resources, you could choose to maintain your Dell EOSL devices yourself. This option might seem budget friendly from the outset, but it’s important to weigh other factors including the risk of potential downtime, how critical your environment is, and whether you have the resources to troubleshoot failures, procure replacement parts, and understand proper replacement procedures.


If you intend to use equipment that is EOL and want to purchase additional devices for your environment, we can help you source and purchase refurbished equipment that would no longer be possible to purchase through the manufacturer. We also proved a 1-year warranty at no additional cost. We love creating out-of-the-box solutions for our clients and their environments.

Dell EOL & EOSL Hardware We Support


We offer EOL support for many Dell devices such as the Dell SC line.  Any Dell EOL or EOSL dates listed here are an estimate based on current announcements & could change at Dell's discretion.


Don't worry if you don't see your Dell device in the listed below. There's a good chance we can support it! Give us a call at 1-888-573-3914 or fill out a contact form.


Dell Server EOL/EOSL Models


HPE 3PAR StoreServ  7000

StoreServ 7200

StoreServ 7400

StoreServ 7440

StoreServ 7450


EOL 2020

EOSL October 2022

HPE Support Document



Dell Storage EOL/EOSL Models


HPE 3PAR StoreServ  8000 



HPE Support Document


HPE 3PAR StoreServ  10000 

StoreServ 10400

StoreServ 10800




HPE Support Document


HPE 3PAR T-class Storage System

T-class T400

T-class T800


EOSL 2017

HPE Support Document


HPE 3PAR F-class Storage System

F-class F200

F-class F400

dell medium3

Confused by Dell EOL & EOSL Dates?

It can be a challenge to to find EOL & EOSL dates for your Dell devices. Knowing a bit more about how Dell approaches EOL & EOSL dates can help shed some light.


Use the Dell SC line as an example of how Dell works

When HPE announces a product line will go EOL (end of life), there is a chance that date might be continually pushed out until they are ready. Take the StoreServ 7000--HPE initially announced it was going to go EOL in 2017, but parts didn't go fully EOL until 2020. HPE has also announced that the StoreServ 7000 will go EOSL in October of 2022, but the span of time between EOL and EOSL for other HPE products can span many years making it a bit tricky to plan support options.



Dell  EOSL Support Benefits


Keep your budget in check and avoid the headache of dealing with hardware failures by getting a hardware support contract on your Dell servers & storage devices that are EOL or EOSL. Instead of upgrading to new equipment, you can keep your current equipment in play for as long as possible.


Shed the stress and the headache and let us provide hardware support for your current, EOL, or EOSL 3Par device. Your environment and individual needs help us create a custom solution and an SLA that works for you. 

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