IBM AS/400 & iSeries System Rack Configuration

How To:
Collect the system rack config for IBM AS/400 and iSeries

1. Login with QSECOFR user and password

2. At the command line type in strsst and then enter to access System Service Tools

a. Log into the service tools with user and password

3. Select #1 to start a service tool

4. Select #7 to access Hardware Service Manager

5. Press the F6 key to submit the rack config to the print queue

a. Use all of the default selections (use the 132 columns)
b. Do Not Print

6. From the iSeries Navigator PC

a. Start iSeries Navigator
b. Open Windows Explorer
c. Within iSeries Navigator

1.  Open System Name Tab and Click on the Plus sign
2. Open Basic Operations Tab
3. Single-click on Printer Output
4. In the right-hand window look for the listing of the job you sent to the print queue

7. Copy and paste the file into an email as a text file

8. Fill out this form and attach your rack config file.

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