The M Global Service Ticket & Escalation Process

How We Resolve Your Hardware Issues

We like to keep things super simple and streamlined to make your service experience as painless as possible. Fast response times, clear communication, and solid follow-through are the foundation of our ticket process. Here's how it goes:

Service Process - Send in request, our helpdesk takes it, engineers troubleshoot, we work on a service plan together, Parts are pulled from on-site/local inventory or shipped, helpdesk schedules a field engineer, we perform service, everyone confirms successful operation, you celebrate being the office hero.

Open a service ticket.

Email is the fastest and most effective way to open a service ticket though you can also do it by phone or customer portal.

You’re connected with an M Global help desk engineer who will begin troubleshooting.

A case manager is assigned and will stay on the case with you until your issue is resolved. Internal team members are kept in the loop, and you won’t get bounced around explaining your problem over and over.

We take care of the logistics of shipping or retrieving the parts.

When a solution has been agreed upon, we get the part to your location quickly if it’s not already stocked in your on-site inventory.

Our help desk schedules a field engineer.

When on-site support is needed, the M Global help desk schedules a field engineer to perform the task.

The issue is resolved, and the service ticket is closed.

Everyone involved confirms the resolution, and then it's time to celebrate!

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M Global Help Desk Tips for Quick Ticket Resolution

Take the first step and prep

A little preparation before opening the ticket can speed up the process. Bonus points if you provide this information when opening your service ticket.

  • Collect logs if possible — there’s a good chance we will need them!
  • Check your cables — I know, I know, but just do it. You wouldn’t believe how often an issue is caused by faulty or unplugged power supplies.
  • Take a picture or screenshot of the error or component status alerts — it's so much easier than trying to describe them! Extra points if you attach them to your initial email to open the service ticket.
  • Loop us in on any unusual activity even if you don’t think it’s related such, as environmental factors (yes, a broken ac in 100+ degree heat can cause problems!), disaster recovery exercises, etc.

Open your service ticket via email

Our help desk recommends starting with an email to increase ticket resolution momentum. This allows internal team members to be kept in the loop during the ticket process, such as SMEs, managers, logistics, etc. Include the following information to help us get a jump start on troubleshooting:

  • Customer Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
  • Site Contact’s Name, Number, and Email Address
  • Site Address:
  • Contract #:
  • Model #
  • Serial #
  • Description of the problem
  • Severity Level (Low/Medium/High)

Give us all the details

Knowing the details of the situation, even if they don't seem important, can help us get to a quicker diagnosis. Are there troubleshooting steps you've already tried? Is there a relevant history that might be useful (like if this has been an ongoing issue)? Have there been recent environmental changes like construction projects nearby (dust!), upgrades to the system, weather events, or anything else that could affect your equipment? Having this information from the beginning can save precious time and help resolve the issue much faster.

Our Promise To You

Fast Response

We respond quickly to every service request regardless of SLA agreement.

We only hire people we trust.

Our engineers go through a thorough character screening and technical qualifying process.

People First

You will always reach a help desk engineer — never an answering service.

Personal Care

Every customer matters to us and we will always be straightforward and transparent with you.

Our Engineers

It makes a big difference when you work with people you can trust. That’s why we ensure that our engineers are trained and certified experts. Beyond training courses for specific platforms and devices provided by OEMs, we also have test labs so the engineers can work with devices they are supporting.

We have a blend of high-level subject matter experts (SMEs), Level 1 & 2 engineers and contracted field engineers and all go through our character screening and technical qualifying process. Our SMEs are very experienced engineers who have been managing their product lines for a long time. These high-level resources at our helpdesk manage the work of other engineers including contracted field engineers (FEs). FEs are given a very detailed action plan to follow and any changes must be approved by our SMEs ensuring optimal service throughout the process.

Our Process — From the Initial Request to the Ticket is Closed

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