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Server hardware maintenance with M Global Services can give you peace of mind knowing that you have a team of expert engineers available around the clock. Our server maintenance plans can increase the lifespan of your equipment, boost productivity, and reduce downtime—all while saving you money on technical support and maintenance costs. Save up to 70 percent by switching to one of our custom third party server maintenance plans.

Since 2003, we've been offering custom server hardware maintenance services to fit our clients' needs, and our team will find you the solutions you need—fast.


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M Global provides third party server maintenance and support for a wide range of manufacturers including Dell, IBM, and HPE. Find more information on specific server families and models through the OEM links below.


Server Maintenance Services We Offer


Along with our strong commitment to customer service, M Global provides the necessary services and expertise to increase the lifespan of your servers and reduce downtimes in an emergency.



A few of our server maintenance services include:

  •  Cost savings of up to 70 percent over technical support from the OEM
  •  Comprehensive 24/7 server technical support
  • Fast response
  • On-site or local parts stocking with dedicated inventory
  • Expertise across multiple server platforms and networks
  • Support for current and EOSL servers
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How Third Party Server Support Works


Want better server support for a lower cost than your OEM contract? Watch the video below to learn how businesses use thrid party server maintenance to help their budgets and extend the life of their equipment.

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