Quiz – Is Third Party Maintenance Right For You?

Is TPM the Right Option for You?

Take Our Quiz to Find Out

Choose the option that best describes you and/or your company in each category.

1. Company Policies

A. Open to new options

B. Old school mentality

C. With careful research and analysis, you might consider new options

2. Priorities

A. Budget

B. Image

C. Data driven decisions

3. Equipment

A. If it isn’t broken, we’ve still got it. We don’t usually upgrade equipment until we have to.

B. We always have the latest and greatest—everything brand new from the same manufacturer as soon as it comes out.

C. If the device still performs at optimal levels, there’s no reason to replace it. We have a variety of devices from different manufacturers and ages.

4. Budget

A. We are driven by our budget and have to look for creative ways to meet it.

B. Budget? What budget? We’ve got plenty of cash to spend.

C. Budget-conscious, but not at the expense of quality.

5. Staff Resources

A. We can’t take the time or resources to manage multiple contracts and expiration dates.

B. We have enough staff and resources to manage multiple OEM contracts and make sure that our coverage never lapses.

C. It would be inefficient to devote our staff and resources to managing support contracts.

6. Company Culture

A. I want to feel like my hardware support company is in my corner and there for me when I need them no matter what.

B. I feel more comfortable with a large company with established protocols, and I am not looking for personal service or flexibility.

C. I want well-established expectations and professional service, but it’s nice to know there is personal accountability and some flexibility if I need it.

7. Thinking Strategies

A. Imaginative thinking and creative solutions are encouraged and rewarded.

B. Rigid policies and systems prevent people from going rogue and thinking outside the box.

C. We do have systems in place, but we are open to innovative ideas if they are well thought through.


If you chose mostly A’s, you probably already know that OEM support contracts are not for you! You are more open to innovative ideas and creative solutions and are willing to explore other options. Your budget drives many of your company’s decisions and TPM hardware support is a great solution since it can save you as much as 70% over OEM support. Call us today or fill out a quote form to find out how we can start saving you money.

If you chose mostly B’s, third party maintenance support may not be the right option for you. Image-conscious with plenty of cash to spend, you likely have a traditional outlook on business and your adherence to established policies will make it less likely that you would consider options outside of traditional OEM support. Boohoo! It doesn’t look like we’ll team up any time soon, but if things change in the future, you know where to find us.

If you chose mostly C’s, third party maintenance support may be a good option for you. You usually don’t make hasty decisions and like to know all the details before moving forward. You try to take a balanced approach to your business and are looking for solutions and ideas that will work for you. The good news is that third party maintenance has a variety of benefits beyond just saving you money. Read our full comparison of OEM Support vs TPM Support analysis.

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Author Note:

Written by Angie Stephens with contributions from M Global team members including SMEs, management executives, and more.

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