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M Global has been providing expert storage hardware support since Nimble’s 2008 inception and throughout its rebrand and integration into HPE Nimble Storage in 2017.

Because we’re a third party maintenance vendor, we can offer clients custom Nimble support options, flexible SLAs, and can even support devices past their EOSL dates—all for a lot less than what you’d pay for an HPE contract.

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Secure & Protect Your Nimble Flash Support Array

No matter how your business transforms, TPM and Nimble storage grows with your data. Flexible SLAs and a CPU-based storage architecture allow for seamless scaling to support your new IT environment. No more getting locked into rigid contracts that restrict growth, however your needs change, M Global and Nimble have your back.

M Global Services can provide a more cost-effective solution for your HPE Nimble hardware support.

Nimble Data Storage Third Party Maintenance

Instead of purchasing expensive upgrades before you’re ready, you can extend the life of your equipment through flexible End of Service Life (EOSL) and End of Life (EOL) support options. Nimble devices like the CS-Series arrays have reached legacy status, so if you want support, you’re going to have to look beyond HPE. TPM providers can service these “outdated” devices (for a lot less, too), meaning you don’t have to move on from perfectly good equipment. Using third party maintenance for your Nimble flash array devices means a greater ROI.

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Why Choose M Global Services for Third Party Nimble Support?

It’s no secret that you can save up to 70% when you switch from an OEM to a TPM provider—it’s basically a cliché at this point. But did you know that these cost savings also come with a greater range of expertise and flexible support options? With M Global, you can build out your own custom service level agreements and get access to experienced engineers across multiple OEMs.

Nimble Storage

Data Storage Support for Nimble Devices — Reduce Downtime and Delays

Downtimes for data centers are detrimental. Businesses need the proper processes in place to keep operations running smoothly when data disasters inevitably strike. If you have unresponsive and unreliable support, you could be losing out on major profits for every minute of downtime—as well as taking a hit to your reputation. With 24/7 Help Desk support and guaranteed response times in four hours of less, you can rest easy and know that M Global has your back.

Considering HPE Nimble Storage?

We can assist you at every stage of the HPE Nimble storage hardware lifecycle.

WIth over 20 years of experience sourcing hardware—both parts and full HPE devices—we know what it takes to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your Nimble storage. Whether you need more memory for your servers or upgraded SSDs for your storage devices, we got you. We can install devices and parts with our expert Smart Hands services. We can also provide hardware support for your current and EOSL HPE equipment. When the time comes to upgrade, we help to properly wipe data and recycle your old devices with our ITAD services. Don't currently have a support contract with M Global? No worries! We can still source the parts you need and offer our support services. Contact us today so we can start working together on the best solutions for your IT environment.