À la Carte Support Help

Have a hardware problem, but no support contract?

No problem! When you're in a free fall, we can be there to catch you! We generally call these requests T&M (Time and Materials) projects because they are set up and billed differently than a typical contract. We also like the term à la carte hardware support because it's a bit like choosing separate dishes from a menu.

We get that having a hardware support contract is not always possible, but that doesn't mean you have to face hardware challenges alone. We can come along beside you and fix what's broken and more.

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How T&M Hardware Support Projects With M Global Work

Start Info Gathering

When you reach out to us with an issue, we'll first try to assess the situation by collecting information about what's happening. We'll ask about the issue, any error codes that might be happening, any useful backstory on how you got there, and what you've tried so far to fix it. Depending on the situation, we might also ask for things like screenshots, pictures or videos, and system outputs.

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Choose Your T&M Package

Once we have a general idea of what we're working with, we'll talk through which T&M package is right for your situation. Various packages come with minimum blocks of hours. We can optimize a package to suit your needs. We can also provide project-based options. Examples of this might include an installation or configuration project or a relocation. Every situation is unique, so reach out to us for more details.

Let's Get Rolling

After agreeing upon the best solution for your situation, we can bill the credit card and open a service ticket immediately. We'll begin troubleshooting, or if it's an installation or configuration project, start developing the plan. Parts and additional resources outside the initial package are billed separately.

Where do hardware support contracts fit in all this?

Let's address the elephant in the room — support contracts. It's no surprise that we like to be able to get our clients a support contract. It allows us to get to know our customers' individual needs and environments and build an appropriate plan of action, parts inventory and familiarity with their situation. When failures happen, we can provide the fastest and most efficient service possible.

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However, we also understand that getting a support contract doesn't make sense in every situation. Perhaps a company self maintains and needs a reliable parts resource or help with thorny problems and complicated installs. Maybe decision makers have a stranglehold on the purse strings and, until something breaks, aren't about to sign off on a contract. Whatever the case, we totally get it.

Do I have to get a contract with M Global to get support help?

Nope — you don't need to get a support contract to get technical support from M Global. If you're not in the market for a contract in place, no worries. There's no need to pretend like you might want one, either — you'll get great service regardless.

We have in-house IT resources that take care of most situations - can M Global help with parts and occasional SME help?

Sure — not a problem. We understand that companies have varying resources and needs. We're happy to help source reliable hardware and provide expert support where needed.

Why get a support contract if I can just get à la carte support when something breaks?

If you're trying to decide whether a support contract is right for your company, you'll probably be weighing the risks of failures and downtimes versus costs. It might seem tempting to forgo a contract, thinking it will save money and the time of getting it set up, but usually the opposite is true.

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While you'll have access to the same MGS expertise and resources regardless of whether you have a contract or are utilizing ala carte support services, our contracted clients take priority. We fit our T&M projects in the openings that are available and without SLA time guarantees. If downtime is a big deal for your operation, having a support contract is far more efficient. We're able to get to know your environment and unique needs and have parts stocked and ready to go should a failure occur.

It might seem counterintuitive, but getting a hardware support contract can often save quite a bit of money. Not even counting the cost of extended downtimes, additional charges can add up that would all be covered under a contract. Parts and shipping are billed separately. And if the project goes over the bundle of hours purchased, additional labor and onsite charges may be added. Learn more about the surprisingly low costs of hardware support.

How does it work if I want to get a support contract, but have devices with issues?

If you decide to get a support contract, you're in luck! We can bundle T&M projects with a support contract that include discounts and other incentives. It works pretty much the same way if you're coming to us for a contract but your devices have existing issues. We'll first get everything repaired and healthy and then begin the contract period. Check out our SLA options and see which one might be a good fit for you.

Hardware Help Made Easy

Whether you want to work with us on a one-time project or become a contracted client, we want to help! There's no stigma from us attached to being a project-based client. If that's what works for you — we're on board!

Because every situation is unique, we customize the solution to fit, so give us a call at 855-304-4600 or fill out the form for more information on how we can help!

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