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Diving into what sets M Global apart can help you figure out if working with M Global is the right move for you and your company.  Anybody can talk about customer service (and everyone does). But that doesn’t mean very much at the end of the day. It’s when you are in the trenches of a data center disaster that needs to be fixed yesterday that you find out whether the hardware support you’ve got measures up.

Are we perfect? Of course not. No company is. But we’re pretty proud of our approach and the can-do attitude we bring to every situation. So read on if you want to learn a little more about what makes M Global so special.

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When You Work With M Global

The experience you have when working with a company is directly influenced by its employees and the company culture. That’s why we’re peeling back the layers to share what it’s really like to work with us.

These statements below are based on company values that are shared throughout M Global—from the top down.

Get a Yes - Solution First Mentality

We’ve probably all been in a situation where we’ve needed something and gotten a “sorry, we can’t do that” or something similar. But at M Global, we approach things a little differently. As part of our internal company values, we like to train our employees on the mentality that says “explore the possibilities in everything we do and lead with a “yes.” This means we are open-minded and consider all the possibilities when it comes to problem solving and finding ways to help our clients.

Whether it means figuring out a way to get exactly the sort of service a client needs that will fit inside their budget, solving a complicated service ticket, or helping a client upgrade their hardware, we will always look for a way to say, “yes we can do that” or “let’s get to the bottom of that issue”. We’ve had clients come to us with all sorts of issues like super tight budgets, short contract timelines, prior unresolved issues on their equipment, needing parts or upgraded hardware, and countless more. And we’ve been able to say, “Yep, we can take care of that.”

Expect the Information You Need - Communication is Key

We make sure we provide and collect all the necessary information to make a good decision or come up with a solution to a problem, whether that’s in our thorough quoting process where we line out exactly the sort of service you can expect, or on the service end when we are resolving an issue through our helpdesk.

We are also big on listening. Active listening involves paying attention, concentrating, asking questions for clarification, and more. Understanding what is being said (or typed!) and engaging in a dialogue with the other person can prevent all manner of communication mishaps and misunderstandings. It’s definitely worth it!

We’ve had clients tell us how much they appreciate our thorough communications, attention to detail,  and follow through. One client raved about our communication through a contract renewal process saying that we made her job so much easier and the whole process was incredibly smooth. We’ve also had countless scenarios where effective communication internally saved us a ton of headaches. We’ve learned that getting into the habit of taking the time to paint the whole picture and provide a clear understanding of the situation can save a lot of time and frustration.

Rely on Us - We Honor Our SLAs

This seems like it should be a given, but unfortunately we’ve seen companies hide behind “best efforts” clauses. Maybe the salesperson wasn’t thorough enough in the quoting and contract set-up process, or maybe finding a solution is too difficult or expensive. But whatever the cause, we call it over-promising and under-delivering. To us, this idea of “best efforts” basically means, “we’ll try, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be there when you need us.”

That doesn’t fly at M Global. We know that we are only as good as our last service ticket and the drive to innovate and constantly improve our service comes from the fact that as individuals we take pride in our work. And it’s part of our responsibility as human beings to be the best version of ourselves that we can. When you have a team of people all striving for excellence, something pretty great happens. We can say in all honesty—you can rely on us. If we schedule field engineers to be onsite tomorrow, they’ll be there. If we say we’ll set aside a dedicated parts inventory for your equipment, it won’t get used up by another client. You’ll have an inventory list in hand with SKUs and exactly how many are stocked.

M Global Services Offerings

Third Party maintenance support is what we do. We live and breathe hardware support. But we can offer a few other additional services if you need them.

Service Features

If you are new to the third party maintenance world and still have an OEM contract, you’ll be blown away by the service available from TPM providers. Cost savings, flexibility, and quality of service are attributes customers who switch from OEM support to TPM appreciate. But beyond those differences, what can you expect from hardware support from M Global?

Customize Your Contract

Unlike some of the larger companies out there with a huge sales floor spitting out one-size-fits-most contracts, we can create truly personalized support contracts that fit your needs and budgets. We like to build support around our customers rather than trying to fit our clients into our SLAs. Need a support for 3 months while waiting on a hardware upgrade? No problem. How about having 45 power supply cables to be stocked onsite? Sure, we can do that. Need weekly health checks because you have limited resources? What about support solutions for an environment with legacy and brand new hardware? We got it and no problem. Have you noticed that we like to say yes? Setting up a contract that clients can afford, has what they need, and making sure they know what to expect is a tried and true recipe for us. The outcome—happy customers that renew their contracts year after year.

Expect a Fast Response

Don’t you just hate waiting—especially when it’s for a quote or for a response from an engineer when your equipment is acting up. We hate it too and that’s why we strive to get back to you as quickly as we can. We nearly always have quotes back within 48 hours if we have all the information we need. We’ve even been known to turn around a quote within a couple hours (a quote request came in after hours and we got back later that same evening). We’re not just quick with our quotes, we’re proud of our agility and flexibility in our service as well. Sometimes it can be hard for companies to shift gears or react quickly to a problem, but it’s a priority for us to preserve our dexterity and avoid unnecessary red tape and complications that can slow things down.

Simplify Your Support

Why does it have to be so complicated? We know what a pain hardware support can be (we have a whole post how about how much fun OEM call trees are). But we try to eliminate some of the torment that can happen when you have an issue with your hardware. We’ll get you straight to an engineer that can begin working on the diagnosis rather than having to make the rounds with an annoying call center where you have to explain your problem 10 times before you actually get to talk to someone who can help. Just like we customize your SLA, we can customize your service process too. For instance, if you’d rather add in or skip a step (like gathering logs or weekly calls), we can do that.

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