Note from Steve: Attitude is Everything

Steve Shares His Thoughts on Attitude being Everything

Beyond Just Fixing a Box

One of the very special things about M Global is our attitude. You can tell when someone just doesn’t care — they are there physically, but they have checked out because they don’t feel personally invested. You’ll never get that from M Global. We take ownership that our client will walk away with a good feeling about how we manage each situation. There’s not a script to that — it’s just that human element of caring and trying to treat people with respect — not company to company but person to person that makes all the difference.

Having the awareness in the way we are delivering services is super important. The nuances of each client come through not just when we set up a contract, but also in each step along the way.  Understanding who the client is, how they like to operate, and how much or how little they want to have communicated to them throughout the process of working with us goes so much further than an SLA. We are constantly tuned into what is going to make a good experience for the person that we are servicing.

What Makes That Possible?

I’m really big on the idea of constantly improving. From a young age, I have looked at how things could be made better — that’s just how my mind works.

We encourage that problem-solving mindset in everyone here at M Global. If we spot something that isn’t great, we prioritize thinking about how we can improve it. When we get feedback from the market or from our clients that we’re doing a kick-ass job, it validates all the time and effort that goes in.

Over the years I’ve watched team members embrace this mentality — they see the validation of their hard work and they end up pushing the movement of constant improvement. It’s pretty cool to see. I’m so freaking blessed to work with people who care as much as I do.

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Author Note:

Thoughts by Steve Oono

Words by Angie Stephens

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