Note from Steve: Why I Love Sales

Why M Global's CEO Still Makes Time for Sales Calls

When you call M Global, you might be surprised to find that there is a chance you may end up talking with Steve Oono, owner and CEO. Steve talks about why he takes time from his busy schedule to stay plugged in with the M Global sales team.

Staying connected with the sales team gives me a more hands-on approach, allowing me to see our process, our product and our staff in motion. I love seeing the reaction that we get from people — they are so appreciative of our approach. It makes me feel really good about what we have and what we’re doing.

We get great feedback from people because we are transparent about things like the x4 SLA, parts stocking, on-site response times and about why we are cautious about supporting certain devices. For me, it’s validating that the extra steps we’ve taken to inform and help people to understand what it is that we’re providing makes such a difference.

In the past, when I have removed myself completely from sales, I see such a gap of what I lose when I am not in tune with the client-facing side of the industry. I get a chance to talk to people who are buying services, but also people who are using services and that is very valuable. When I am engaged with customers in these kinds of conversations, it allows me to get a gauge on the “want” in the market and evaluate any concerns or features that we may or may not offer. That direct feedback benefits the whole business.

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Author Note:

Thoughts by Steve Oono

Words by Angie Stephens

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