Third Party Maintenance for Restaurant Chains

Restaurant Chains and Third Party Maintenance

 A Little History

Third party maintenance (TPM) is a hardware support favorite among business of all sizes due to its low cost and personalized service, yet it’s still a relatively unfamiliar method of support within the restaurant industry. Why? Well, to be honest, we’re not so sure either. That’s why we’re here to spread the word about why TPM for restaurant chains is an excellent alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support.

Why TPM is a Good Fit For Restaurants

Expertise in all Major Hardware Brands

Not only does TPM offer a budget-friendly restaurant hardware support solution, but it can also greatly extend the life of equipment, saving businesses even more money in the long run. Now, let’s go more into depth about some of the key benefits that make TPM and restaurant chains go together like salt and fat.

Keep IT Structure Functional

One of the most frustrating parts of OEM support is how they create the need to phase out perfectly good equipment. By adding end of service life (EOSL) dates to hardware, they persuade business to throw money at device upgrades well before they’re needed.

On the other hand, M Global provides restaurant hardware maintenance for devices well past their EOSL dates, keeping equipment running smoothly for as long as possible and allowing businesses to upgrade on their own terms. If disaster strikes and faulty hardware affects restaurant operations, you can breathe easy knowing M Global provides speedy parts diagnosis and replacement to maintain the optimal customer experience.

Our team is even prepared to coordinate activity with the MoD (Manager on Duty) to provide flexible support so we don't disrupt key revenue generating opportunities like the lunch and dinner rush.

Invest in Experienced Restaurant TPM Experts

Outsourcing your restaurant hardware support with M Global means IT peace of mind. While you focus on more important things, our experts maintain your servers and switches to improve productivity and resolution times. We can even provide support for other key restaurant equipment such as controllers, bump bars, and POS devices if they're added to the scope of work at a later date. Instead of spending the time, energy, and budget it takes to hire your own in-house team, you can utilize the services of a trusted TPM provider.

We understand the fast-paced, greasy environment of the restaurant industry and know that failure rates can be greater than a typical “controlled” data center application. That's why we make a point to have the technical resources and spare parts in place to maintain network uptime metrics at the higher than average rates the industry demands.

Lower Your Restaurant Server & Hardware Support Costs

Working in a fast-paced and volatile industry, restaurants need 24/7 support and quick response times to avoid negative impacts to the customer experience. M Global provides flexible support with the experience and speed to handle even the most hectic environments at a fraction of the cost it would take to build out a team with the same expertise on your own. We even provide service outside of normal business hours! If you submit a ticket in the evening and want on-site support by 8am next day, we got you. Simply put, third party maintenance is the most cost-effective way to source restaurant hardware maintenance support and keep existing systems running efficiently.

Let M Global Help Serve Your Customers With TPM Support

Though we’re familiar with the restaurant industry, each chain has its own unique preferences and needs. Contact us today to get in touch with an expert who can determine which hardware support options are the best fit for you. Together, we’ll build out a custom support plan to check all your IT boxes.


By Jon Stubblefield

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