The Dogs of M Global

Meet the Canine Members of the M Global Family

What would we do without our dogs? They provide unmatched companionship, greet us ecstatically when we return home and love us forever for the price of a belly rub. It’s no wonder that most dog owners consider their pet to be a legitimate part of their family and we here at M Global are no different.

In celebration of National Dog Day, the M Global team would like to introduce you to our canine family and showcase just why they more than deserve the title of “Man’s Best Friend”.

Wilson & Walter

Wilson is a one-year-old rescue dog who is half wiener dog and half terrier. He’s a fun puppy that wants to play all day long and keeps hoping for the day that Walter will play with him.

Walter is a nearly thirteen-year-old rescue terrier who loves to chase squirrels, bikes, cats, skateboards and pretty much anything with wheels. He wishes that Wilson would leave him alone.

Both dogs frequent the M Global office and love to interact with the team.

dogs - Wilson and Walter

Zeus & Chloe

We think Zeus is a miniature poodle, but we’re not sure because he was a stray that became part of the family by chance. He loves wrestling with his cat companion, Archie, and watching for the mailman so he can bark at him.

Chloe is a Pekinese with a sweet and gentle personality. Chloe’s calm and mothering nature came in handy when Archie was a kitten. He thought Chloe was his mom and she would let him snuggle and suck on her fur.

Dogs - Zeus and Chloe


Gracie the Golden Lab came to her family from a rescue when she was two. She will be ten this Thanksgiving and she has been a vital part of her family since she joined. As you can see, she is very spoiled and loves every minute of it.


Sam & Jesse

Sam is a white Havanese who is turning 9 this year! He is a grumpy puppy who likes to bark and will growl when you try to move him from a comfortable position. His grumpiness is countered by the fact that he loves hanging out and lying on your lap. He’s a big fan of belly rubs too!

Jesse is a Yorkie who celebrated his first birthday in July. He is full of energy and loves playing fetch (or making his owner fetch his ball under the couch). Either way, he likes to run around and antagonize Sam. He can fit in your pocket and is freaking adorable.

Dogs Sam and Jesse


Liam is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. He is kind, gentle and always up for a good game of tug-of-war. He spends his days taking naps and sunbathing, and if there’s an open lap, he’s in it.

In his free time he also enjoys disc golfing, chasing after squirrels and eating—he’s very food motivated.

Dog - Liam


Here’s Banjo; he’s not very intelligent, but is the sweetest, fluffiest and cuddliest dog ever. One time he was in an enclosed tennis court and the ball went over the fence—Banjo ran straight into the fence trying to get the ball.

Dog - Banjo


This is Maxwell, a 13 years old Chihuahua with only one tooth left so his tongue hangs out the side all the time. He loves playing fetch with his stuffed animals and licking the sheets on his parent’s bed!

Dog - Maxwell

Marsh & Mellow

Don't mistake Marsh for his cuteness — he’s alpha of the house.

Mellow's very sweet but his name is misleading. Because of his neurotic personality, he should be named Kramer after the character from Seinfeld — even his hair matches.

Dogs - Marsh and Mello


This is Aussi the Siberian Huskey. Aussi has a brother named Shadow who he loves to play and run around with. Aussi loves to go on adventures and hikes to waterfalls—he is also spoiled and lazy most of the time. Aussi will pretend to want to go outside, but then once you stand up, he runs to his treats!

Dog - Aussi

Tia & Samoa

Although this looks like a before and after photo, these are two of the sweetest Yorkie siblings you’ll ever meet! Tia is the younger sister that is extremely loyal and follows you wherever you go.

Samoa is the older sis who is the independent type; she only comes running if she sees doggie treats or wants to give you a never-ending spree of licks.

Dogs - Tia and Samoa

Happy National Dog Day from M Global!

By Jon Stubblefield

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