What is Storage Maintenance?

What Does Storage Maintenance Mean?

Though it has varying definitions, storage maintenance in the third party maintenance industry refers to the upkeep and repair services provided for storage hardware. This includes the diagnosis and replacement of storage components such as controllers, hard drives and SSDs (solid-state drives).

Storage hardware maintenance refers to the services provided for storage hardware devices and mostly include contract maintenance, installation, hourly technical consulting services and parts. These services often include resources such as a helpdesk, high-level engineering, field engineers and on-site technical resources.

Importance of Storage Maintenance

Having a storage maintenance contract is crucial because it means your storage devices will be taken care of quickly and economically whenever a problem arises. With a storage hardware maintenance contract, you can rest easy knowing your storage device's downtimes and repair time and cost will be minimized by your service provider.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) usually provide storage hardware maintenance support but are often more expensive than the alternative option of a third party maintenance (TPM) provider. Both OEMs and TPMs offer storage hardware maintenance contracts to give support whenever it is needed.

What is Third Party Storage Maintenance?

Third party maintenance is an option for hardware support that is offered through a provider apart from the OEM. TPM providers offer a number of useful services including technical support delivered online or over the phone, replacement or repair of storage hardware, on-site engineering assistance, remote monitoring, operating support, equipment maintenance and more. Find out more about third party maintenance.

Benefits of Third Party Maintenance for Storage Devices

So why choose a third party maintenance provider for your storage hardware maintenance? As it turns out, there are many great benefits to using TPM support—the most obvious being cost. When you sign a contract with a third party maintenance provider, you could save up to 70% on support costs when compared to OEM contracts. Also, TPM providers have flexible SLAs and can tailor your contract to fit your budget and needs exactly. Find out more about other benefits of TPM support.

Like an insurance policy, you might not realize how important storage maintenance support is until you really need it, but when you're covered by a personalized maintenance contract from M Global Services you can have peace of mind going forward. No more worrying about downtimes or blown budgets—we’ve got you covered!

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