NetApp Third Party Maintenance Support

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NetApp Devices Supported by M Global Services

M Global engineers can adapt customized support options to fit your needs, and are experienced in maintaining a wide range of NetApp product lines including:


  • FASServer 400
  • FASServer 450
  • FASServer 1300
  • FASServer 1400
  • F210, F220, F230
  • F330
  • F520, F540
  • F630
  • F720, F740, F760
  • F85, F87
  • F810, F820, F825, F840, F880
  • FAS250, FAS270
  • FAS920, FAS940, FAS960, FAS980
  • FAS2020, FAS2040, FAS3050, FAS3070
  • FAS3140, FAS3160, FAS3170
  • FAS3210, FAS3220, FAS3240, FAS3250, FAS3270
  • FAS6030, FAS6040, FAS6070, FAS6080
  • FAS6210, FAS6220, FAS6240, FAS6250, FAS6280, FAS6290
  • DS14MK2 Disk Shelves

Support & Maintenance for NetApp Users


Support and maintenance for your NetApp devices doesn’t have to be expensive. Why not get NetApp support service that meets and exceeds what you would receive through the manufacturer for a fraction of the cost?


If you have only experienced the support available through NetApp or other manufacturers, you are in for a pleasant surprise. No more worrying about downtimes that hurt your bottom line or buying new equipment before you are ready. M Global Services’ third party maintenance support solutions can keep your devices running smoothly. And if you have equipment NetApp doesn’t support any longer, no worries—we’ve got you covered for that, too.


See all the OEMs that we support.


See how we can help you save money, reduce downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

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Comprehensive Solutions to Complex Problems

We become part of your team providing unrivaled support, minimizing downtime and communicating every step of the way. As we help our clients we always have a “whatever it takes” attitude.

Expect the best when you work with M Global Services


Decreased costs for NetApp support & maintenance

Save up to 70 percent when you switch over from manufacturer support and maintenance services.


24/7 Full-service support

24/7 access to a dedicated support team and four hours or less service response times.


The parts you need—when you need them

No more waiting for parts to ship. We work on a stocking strategy that fits your comfort level and keeps you informed on what will be stocked for your maintenance agreement.


Support for current and End of Support Life (EOSL) NetApp devices

We provide service and maintenance for devices no longer supported by NetApp, so it’s not a problem if you need to wait to upgrade.

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Personalized Support Services for Companies of All Sizes


It doesn’t matter if you are a small, midsize, or large company because we adapt and customize our contracts and services to fit your distinct needs. The M Global team of trained engineers delivers full-service support and maintenance for complete storage environments using NetApp hardware.


  • Comprehensive support and maintenance

  • Supplemental support for existing NetApp service contracts


When you decide to partner with M Global Services for support and maintenance of your NetApp device(s), you get a 24-hour help desk, built-in escalation and rapid service response times and a team of expert staff—all dedicated to meeting your needs. Our engineers have a wide range of skills and experience with various brands and types of hardware. The ability to look at problems from different angles allows us to offer more flexible and customer-centered service options.


Since 2003, we’ve coordinated with our clients to deliver customized service level agreements and inventory options specific to our clients’ needs. M Global will find the best possible solution for your problem.


Learn more about our process.

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