The M Global Process

How the M Global Process takes care of your support and maintenance needs


Our Escalation Process


When you place a service request, you are immediately connected with a helpdesk engineer who opens a service ticket and begins troubleshooting. A case manager is assigned to your request and will stay with you until the issue is resolved. You won’t get bounced around explaining the issue over and over. With a team of engineers working on your service request, you can be sure the job will get done right. And we have subject matter experts (SMEs) who specialize in particular areas when more help is needed.

When a solution has been agreed upon by all parties, we take care of the logistics of shipping or retrieving the parts-getting the part to your location quickly if it’s not already stocked in your on-site inventory. The helpdesk schedules a field engineer to perform the task when on-site support is needed. Once the task is performed, all parties confirm resolution and then the service ticket is closed.

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Our Promise to You

Personal Care

Every customer matters to us and we will always be straightforward and transparent with you.

We only hire people we trust to represent M Global Services.

Our engineers go through a thorough character screening and technical qualifying process.

People First

You will always reach a help desk engineer—never an answering service.

Fast Response

We respond quickly to every service request regardless of SLA agreement.



Our Engineers


It makes a big difference when you work with people you can trust. That’s why we ensure that our engineers are trained and certified experts. Beyond training courses for specific platforms and devices provided by OEMs, we also have test labs so the engineers can work with devices they are supporting.


We have a blend of high-level subject matter experts (SMEs), Level 1 & 2 engineers and contracted field engineers and all go through our character screening and technical qualifying process. Our SMEs are very experienced engineers who have been managing their product lines for a long time. These high-level resources at our helpdesk manage the work of other engineers including contracted field engineers (FEs). FEs are given a very detailed action plan to follow and any changes must be approved by our SMEs ensuring optimal service throughout the process.

We want you to consider us an extension of your team, a trusted resource and advisor. Call us today at 1-855-304-4600 to find out more.