Max Performance Hardware Upgrades

M Global's 2023 Guide to Hardware Performance Upgrades

Technology advancements continue to speed by, and just when you feel like you've got a handle on the latest and greatest tech out there, something new comes on the horizon. Emerging technology continues to make demands on infrastructure — faster speeds, more storage, and better overall performance are needed to support the workloads.

We put together a quick cheat sheet of the latest and greatest technology specs available for component upgrades. While your system (or your budget!) might not be ready for a complete overhaul, keeping an eye on what's out there can help you plan for future growth and technology implementation.

Max Out Your Hardware Capabilities

Keeping up with the top performance capabilities can fall to the bottom of the priority list, especially if you have a million other things to do. But when systems start to get sluggish, and you run out of storage space, you might wonder — what would it take to max out my capabilities? What are the latest and greatest technology specs in memory, network speeds, hard drive sizes, and CPU speeds?

No worries — we've done the digging, so you don't have to. Our list below is OEM neutral — if you want specific recommendations based on your unique environment, applications, and budget, give us a call or fill out the form. We're happy to help!

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Memory Upgrades — Largest DIMMs

Increasing the memory is typically one of the first upgrades to consider because it's a relatively fast and easy modification. If your older systems are sluggish, you'll be able to add DIMMs to the open slots without needing to remove or swap out any other hardware.

The largest DIMM currently available is 512GB, with 32 and 64GB DIMMs common in many data center environments.

Fastest Network Speeds

Exciting advancements in networking capabilities are on the horizon. Terabit connections are the latest and greatest in networking land, with 10X the speed of a typical 100GbE connection. Terabit connections are not widely available yet and are mostly found in the hands of those studying the technology. Still, the possibilities of that kind of bandwidth and throughput are staggering.

For now, we will have to content ourselves with the fastest network connection readily available at 800 GbE. Many data centers run great with a 400GbE connection, though 100GbE is also fairly typical. If your needs and budget are more limited, a 10GbE connection may be a fine option.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Your data needs will help you determine which hard drive upgrades are best for your system. If you are running out of capacity and need to archive data you access infrequently, you may want to put your money toward high-capacity spinning disks. If you need maximum performance and fast data recall, a solid state drive would be more appropriate. Typically, the limiting factor in hard drive upgrades is cost.

The largest spinning hard drive you will find on the market today is 22TB, with 32TB drives on the horizon.

SSDs max out at a much larger 100TB, though the average consumer may have difficulty finding them for purchase.

CPU Performance Upgrade

Because CPU upgrades are generally more expensive, they might be a little lower on your priority list unless you have a specific application or use that requires it. Knowing how far off your current technology is from the top specs, can help with future upgrade plans.

The fastest processor on the market (as of 2023) is 6.0GHz, though speeds of 2 - 4GHz are the usual range depending on requirements.

Compatibility Is Key

Compatibility is a real thing. Just like mixing orange juice and toothpaste doesn't quite work, and having a neat freak share space with a slob isn't a recipe for harmony. So, too, with your hardware infrastructure. Components may not work well together or even be possible at all. It's vital to consider the current system you're working with and what you are trying to achieve. It may not make sense or even be feasible to upgrade to the fastest/largest component on the market.

M Global Can Help With Your Hardware Upgrades!

With all the nuance of finding the right components to help your system run at optimum performance, why not let us help? Beyond sourcing hardware, we can help map out an ideal configuration that works for you and your budget.

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By Angie Stephens with contributions from experts at M Global.