A Note from Steve: Put Your Stress To Work

Steve Shares Strategies for Managing Stress

Stress is inevitable in our line of work. Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling and the world is caving in. What do you do when you don't have control, and there's nothing you can do about it? Rather than crumbling under pressure, I try to shift my perspective and evaluate what's truly important in my life. The process often brings to the surface all the good things that I appreciate but don't think about often enough.


Adjusting my attitude helps me harness my stress into motivation to set and accomplish goals. Stress can be a pretty good catalyst for getting stuff done, and instead of the world caving in, I can feel good about what I have achieved.

Steve Oono, CEO of M Global Services

Turning Worry Into A Win

That's not to say that it's always easy to get out of my head and put my stress to work instead of slipping into fear-based thinking. Sometimes it's a real battle, but I have a few strategies that help.

Sometimes stress is the best motivator - bicyclist peddling hard as bear chases him

Get moving. Exercise is like a full-on reset, and I'm a different person after I work out. It has a mood balancing aspect, and my perspective on everything is more positive. I feel most balanced when I can stick to a routine that combines playing soccer, riding my Peloton, and lifting weights.

Take a step back. While my immediate reflex might be to rush in to find an immediate fix to the problem, that's not always the best solution. If I stop, zoom out to look at the big picture, and involve others in the process, it does wonders for the situation and my stress levels.

Focus on what I can change. Once I've had a chance to look at the big picture, I can usually see the things I can actually do something about with more clarity. That's when I can put stress to work and start making progress on something tangible.

Stress is unavoidable, especially in IT, but it doesn't have to be crippling. One of my goals with M Global is to help share the burden of pressure in IT departments. I get it; I really do. I understand what it's like to face impossible deadlines, unexpected failures, and unrealistic expectations. The stress from those situations can be overwhelming and frustrating, but the M Global team can help. We work hard to address the problem, fix failures, and harness the stress to find a solution. Let us help!

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Ready to let M Global help put your stress to work? Let us take hardware issues off your plate!  We mean it when we say we've got your back! Call us at 855-304-4600.

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Author Note:

Thoughts by Steve Oono

Words by Angie Stephens

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