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What You Can Expect When You Work With M Global

Follow-through Is the Most Important Aspect of What We’re All About

You could also think of it as integrity or honesty, but we've found those terms are too vague and have lost the potency of their meaning. It’s so easy for companies to say they have “better” service or that you’ll be taken care of — we admit, we say it too! But at M Global, we believe that defining clearly what you can expect from the very beginning is the foundation of good customer service.

We’re not here to add another contract to a sales guy’s commission or to move clients through a giant factory spitting out contracts that may or may not line up with their needs and expectations.

Trust Us to Keep Your Data Center Running

You can be confident when you put your IT hardware infrastructure in our hands because we take the time to listen to you, build hardware support to fit your needs, and follow through on what we've promised. It’s important to us that you know exactly what we mean, so we spelled out what you can expect when you work with M Global.

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Communication — It’s What the Cool Kids Do

It’s worth saying that we take our communication seriously — not just with our customers in setting expectations like we are doing right now, but also internally.

It seems like a given, but we’ve probably all been in situations where information was exchanged between two parties, but it definitely wasn’t effective communication. Countless mistakes happen, costing everyone involved money. Our departments meet regularly and are encouraged to share information and feedback because we know that effective communication, both internally and with our customers, is the key to our success.

Expertise — We’ve Got Our Best People On It

In order to maintain our high standards, we are dedicated to having people who know what they are doing and that extends from the sales team to the help desk and on to our field engineers. We value employees who are always looking to improve themselves. We encourage employees to take advantage of training and continued learning opportunities available.

Hardware Support Quotes You Can Take to the Bank

From the very first conversation with us, we start digging into what your needs are. Sometimes it’s unexpected, especially for people who are just looking at price and gathering multiple quotes. To give an accurate quote, we feel it’s important to go beyond a price sheet that any salesperson could read off of.

Your Quote Will Come from Someone Who Knows

Every time a quote goes out from M Global, it has been put together by a seasoned expert who knows what goes into providing hardware support.

We know what questions to ask about your environment and devices, not because we are reading off a script or trying to make a sale, but because we’ve seen things hit the fan. Hardware support that fulfills the SLAs as promised is incredibly complex and depends on many factors.

We are not big fans of “shoot from the hip” price quotes. For instance, it’s impossible to give an accurate quote for a dedicated parts stocking strategy unless we get your config details to see what’s under the hood. Other information that helps us build an accurate quote includes details about your environment, your personnel resources and need level, and budgetary constraints.

It might seem counterintuitive to share budget information when getting a quote for hardware support. We get it — too often shopping for third party maintenance can feel like you wandered onto a used car lot. We’re not into the high-pressure tactics and the “let me talk to my manager to see what we can do for you” bit.

From the get-go, we want to help you prioritize the elements that you need most. Why? It benefits us, too. If we set you up with a contract you can afford, has what you need, and you know what to expect, guess what? Happy customers renew year after year! Our help desk doesn’t have to spend time putting out fires that the sales team created by overpromising and selling contracts that are impossible to deliver on.

Quote Turnaround Time — Usually within 48 Hours

Unless the quote is unusually complicated, we have it back to you within 48 hours. And if you’d rather not go into the details, we can give you a general quote as well. It’s not the usual way we go about things, but we can customize the quote process to fit your needs.

Help Desk Engineers

It goes without saying that our help desk engineers and SMEs are trained and qualified. You can expect that from most hardware support providers. But one of the things our customers appreciate is that they can talk to someone who knows what they are doing right away.

We’ve talked about OEM Call Frustrations before and how we avoid the frustrating call center layer between our engineers and the customer.

Flexibility — SLAs Are Tailored To Fit Your Needs

Once we’ve dialed in all the particulars of your environment, needs, and budget, we can build an SLA that works for you. Let’s say you’re on a tighter budget than last year, and Monday-Friday, 8-5 help desk support works for you, but you have specific requirements of parts that need to be stocked onsite or locally. No problem. We help you prioritize the elements of the SLA that are most essential to you. We can even take it a step further.

Sometimes clients have more or fewer resources than “normal” and need more or less support accordingly. Weekly health checks for a client with limited personnel resources—check. Skipping all the basic troubleshooting because another client has resources that have already completed that step—check. Whatever your situation, we can put together an SLA that fits your unique needs.

Follow Through — We Honor Our SLAs

This is the most important expectation of them all. But it’s also one that you have to experience to fully appreciate. It’s the reason for all the time we spend listening, communicating, and setting expectations.

We honor our SLAs — if we say we’re going to stock parts for you, you’ll get a detailed list of every single part in your dedicated parts inventory. If we say a field engineer will be there tomorrow, we’ll make sure a field engineer is there tomorrow. The only way that’s possible is if we dial in what you need and make sure that we can deliver on that.

Learn more about how we set expectations inside specific areas of our SLAs so that we can make sure we are able to deliver.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us concerning any of your maintenance needs, we’re happy to help.

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