Third Party Support for HPE Servers & Storage Hardware

See the HPE models we support.

Looking for reliable support for your HPE equipment? M Global has been providing expert third party maintenance support for HPE servers and storage devices since 2003. We support HPE EOSL hardware and give our clients the ability to fully customize their service contracts. Contact us today to see why quality customer service and transparency make all the difference.


See how we can support your HPE equipment.

M Global Services can provide a more cost-effective solution for your HPE hardware support.

HPE Servers & Storage Models We Support

Don't see your HPE device listed below? Give our team a call at 855-304-4600 or fill out our online contact form. There's a good chance we still offer hardware support for your devices. Our experienced engineers are experts in maintaining a wide range of HPE server and storage devices.

M Global Third Party Maintenance

HPE Servers

HPE ProLiant Server

HPE Blade Enclosures

HPE ProLiant Blades

BL-Series All Gens
ProLiant BL10e
ProLiant BL20
ProLiant BL25P
ProLiant BL40p
ProLiant BL220c / BL260c / BL280c
ProLiant BL420c / BL460c / BL465c / BL490c
ProLiant BL620c / BL660c / BL680c / BL685c

HPE ProLiant DL Servers

DL-Series All Gens
ProLiant DL20 / DL60 / DL80
ProLiant DL120
ProLiant DL140 / DL145
ProLiant DL160 / DL165
ProLiant DL180 / DL185
ProLiant DL320 / DL320e
ProLiant DL360
ProLiant DL380 / DL380e / DL380p
ProLiant DL385 / DL385p
ProLiant DL560
ProLiant DL580 / DL585
ProLiant DL740 / DL760 / DL785
ProLiant DL980

HPE ProLiant ML Servers

ML-Series All Gens
ProLiant ML10
ProLiant ML110 / ML115
ProLiant ML150
ProLiant ML310 / ML310e
ProLiant ML330 / ML330e
ProLiant ML350 / ML350e / ML350p
ProLiant ML370
ProLiant ML530 / ML570
ProLiant ML750 / ML770

HPE Integrity Blades

Integrity BL860c i2, i4, i6
Integrity BL870c i2, i4, i6
Integrity BL890c i2, i4, i6
Superdome x

HPE Integrity Servers

Integrity MC990X
Integrity RX1600 / RX1620
Integrity RX2600 / RX2620 / RX2660
Integrity RX2800 i2, i4, i6
Integrity RX3600
Integrity RX4640
Integrity RX5670
Integrity RX6600
Integrity RX7620 / RX7640
Integrity RX8620


HPE 9000 Servers

rp3410 / rp3440
rp4410 / rp4440
rp7420 / rp7440
rp8420 / rp8440
D370 / D380 / D390
K360 / K460 / K580
R380 / R390

HPE 3000 Servers

HPE N-Class Server

HPE A-Class Servers
A400 / A500

HPE 9x9 Class Servers
929KS / 939KS / 959KS
969KS / 979KS / 989KS

HPE 9x8 Class Servers
918LX / 918RX
928Lx / 928RX
968LX / 968RX
978LX / 978RX
988LX / 988RX

HPE 9x7 Class Servers
937LX / 937RX / 937SX
947LX / 947RX /947SX
957LX / 957RX / 957SX
967RX / 967SX
977RX / 977SX
987RX / 987SX

HPE Cloudline Servers

HPE Cloudine Servers All Gens
CL2100 / CL2200
CL2600 /   CL2800
CL3100 / CL3150

DEC AlphaServer

Alpha DS10
Alpha DS20 / DS20e / DS25
Alpha ES40 / ES45
Alpha GS60 / GS80
Alpha GS160
Alpha SC45

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy All Gens
420 / 480
660 / 680

M Global Third Party Maintenance

HPE Storage Devices

StoreServ 7000
StoreServ 7450
StoreServ 8000
StoreServ 9000
StoreServ 10000
StoreServ 20000

Disk Enclosures


StorageWorks DS2110
Storageworks 4200
StorageWorks 4300

Modular Smart Arrays-MSA

MSA 1050
MSA 2050
MSA 2052
MSA P2000
MSA P4000
MSA 50
MSA 70

HPE Nimble


HPE XP Series

XP P9500

Enterprise Virtual Storage

EVA4000 / EVA4100 / EVA4400
EVA6000 / EVA6100 / EVA6400

EVA8000 / EVA8100 / EVA8400

MSL / ESL Tape Storage



HPE StoreEasy

StoreEasy 1000
StoreEasy 1650
StoreEasy 3000
StoreEasy 8000


All-in-One Storage


Support & Maintenance for HPE Users

HPE support and maintenance you can count on doesn’t have to be expensive. With M Global, you can get better support services for a fraction of what you're currently paying HPE.

Our engineers have ample experience with HPE hardware maintenance in a variety of business environments. Whether you're a small business looking for support on a few ProLiant servers or an enterprise going through a digital transformation with a lineup of StorServe arrays, M Global has your back.

Third party maintenance and support solutions keep your HPE server and storage devices in top shape so you don't always have to buy new hardware before you're ready. Have hardware that HPE doesn't support anymore? Yeah, we can take care of that too.

Looking for HPE Parts & Equipment?

Did you know that we can help at every stage of your HPE hardware’s lifecycle?

We have 20+ years of experience sourcing hardware—both parts and full HPE devices. We don't just fix what's broken, we can also help you optimize your servers and storage equipment. Maybe you need more memory or disk drives for your servers or your storage device needs an expansion shelf or upgraded SSDs—no worries! We can help! We can install those parts and devices with our Smart Hands services. It goes without saying that we can provide hardware support for current and EOSL HPE devices. And when you are ready to upgrade, we can recycle your old equipment as well with our ITAD services.

Don't have a support contract with us? No problem! We can still source parts and offer services. Contact us and let us find the solution that will work for you!

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HPE vs M Global Third Party Maintenance

M Global Expertise

Why Choose M Global Services for Third Party HPE Support?

Cost savings for HPE support & maintenance

Hardware support from HPE can be expensive and frustrating. M Global Services makes things easier with incredible cost savings of up to 70% versus traditional OEM support.

Comprehensive 24/7 support

Get support when you need it. With response times of four hours or less and a 24-hour expert support team, M Global will be there when you need it.

The parts you need—when you need them

With transparent parts-stocking and custom stocking options built around your needs, you’ll never be kept waiting for the critical components your HPE repair requires.

Support for current and End of Support Life (EOSL) devices

No need to pay for pricey OEM support or upgrade to a newer model when M Global provides top-tier support for both new and EOSL HPE devices.

Get Started Now

We want you to consider us a trusted resource and advisor. Call us today at 855-304-4600 to find out more.

M Global Expertise

Customized HPE Support Options

We understand that businesses are like the people that run them, they have their own set of unique needs and expectations. That's why M Global gives you the ability to customize your contract—no cookie-cutter SLAs or rigid protocols. Our HPE server and storage support is fully flexible, you get to decide what you need and what you don't.

M Global also offers third party support for HPE EOSL devices. With us, you can keep your equipment for longer and not have to be coerced into buying new upgrades when you aren't ready.

Not ready to move all of your HPE hardware support over to a third party maintenance provider? Don't worry, we can provide supplemental support for your existing HPE support contracts.

Not ready to move all of your HPE hardware support over to a third party maintenance provider? Don't worry, we can provide supplemental support for your existing HPE support contracts.

We’ve got a “whatever it takes” attitude when it comes to solving our clients’ problems. We become an extension of your team as we provide superior support, minimize downtime and keep you informed every step of the way.

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