White Label IT Support Services

M Global Services Partnership – White Label Program

The M Global Services‘ White Label Partnership Program is aimed at helping resellers and other IT service companies satisfy customer demands that they may find difficult to meet. M Global Services’ White Label partners can make use of the extensive experience and large M Global Services support staff to help their customers achieve their goals while offering these services under their own brand.

Companies can offer M Global Services’ third party IT support under their own names and maintain their existing customer relationships while expanding the range of services they can supply. The M Global Services’ White Label Partnership Program is an ideal solution for businesses wishing to offer their customers a more complete range of IT support services without having to invest in new support infrastructure.

White Label IT Support Services

White label partners can take advantage of the wide range of services M Global Services offers. Third party support is often less expensive than that provided by the manufacturer and partners can offer support for a variety of equipment from one source.

M Global Services can support servers such as:white label it support services

Switches and routers including:white label it support services

Storage devices from:


Businesses with limited third party service infrastructure of their own can increase revenue and strengthen their relationships with their customers by using M Global Services’ third party service capabilities.

Delivering White Label Third Party Support

The M Global Services’ White Label Partnership Program is designed to make it easy for partners to supply support under their own names and with their own branding. The program operates under a generic domain with no indicators that M Global Services is the company supplying the service.

Partners continue to be the only customer contact for matters other than technical support. They remain in control of the customer relationship and handle all non-support correspondences such as quotations, product information and invoices.

M Global Services’ support staff fulfill the role of in house technical support personnel but without the cost and complications of the partner hiring their own employees.

The Value of the M Global Services’ White Label Program Partner Strategies

With an M Global Services White Label Program partnership, companies can provide end-to-end data center services to support all of their client’s needs to their customers. Whether it is our full service suite or a select few of our offerings, our White Label Partner Program is designed to fill any service or infrastructure needs that do not currently exist.

For companies that already have some service capabilities, our third party technical support complements their services. Partners can focus on building relationships with their customers and let M Global Services take care of expertly fulfilling their technical support needs data center service needs.

A higher order volume without increased overhead means that a partner’s fixed costs consume a smaller percentage of revenue and profitability is increased. Becoming an M Global Services White Label Partner can change a company’s strategic position from a marginally profitable niche player to that of a strong supplier offering a wide range of services.

At M Global Services, our White Label Program allows us to be an extension of our partners, helping improve the performance and reach of their existing business.

Help partners improve the performance of their businesses by offering expert support services in a white label program. Give us a call at 855.304.4600 or email us at sales@mglobalservices.com to see how you can become an M Global Services White Label Partner.