Dell EMC EOSL: A Story of Adventure

Isilon NL400, HD400, & X410 EOSL Announcement

Several Dell EMC storage models are going or have already gone EOL or EOSL recently. Instead of the usual dry, boring EOSL announcement (we don't do boring), we thought we'd spice it up a bit and introduce a land of adventure, of greedy kings, banishments, wily tricksters, seedy taverns, and fabled lands beyond the dark forest.

Our story focuses on the three Isilon brothers (NL400, HD400, & X410), but below is a list of Dell EMC models with recent or upcoming EOSL dates.

Recent & Upcoming Dell EOSL Dates:

EMC Isilon NL400, HD400, X410 - EOSL February 29, 2024.
Dell EMC EqualLogic - EOSL on February 29, 2024.
EMC VMAX 100k, 200k, 400k - EOSL September 30, 2024.
Dell SC 5020, 5020F, 7020, 7020F - EOSL August 31, 2026
EMC VMAX 450F and 850F - EOSL October 31, 2023.
EMC Data Domain DD2200 - EOSL December 31, 2023.
EMC VNX 5200, 5400, 5600, 5800, 7600, 8000 - EOSL January 31, 2023

Three Isilon Brothers Leave the Land of Dell

Once upon a time, there were three brothers, NL400, HD400, and X410 living in the land of Dell. They were of a respected and well-connected family — the Isilon name could be traced back long before they had come to dwell in Dell. The land of Dell had conquered their homeland long ago, but the family had settled peacefully in a village at the edge of the forest.

The Land of Dell

Knight on castle turrets stands viewing town below.

Dell was a large and prosperous land known throughout the region for its wealth of resources and advanced technology solutions. However, many residents of the land saw a darker side of Dell, especially as they got older.

Long ago, rulers implemented policies and processes as the kingdom grew to help govern and keep track of its subjects.

But as time went on, these policies became a bureaucratic muddle, and getting anything done meant the subjects of Dell would have to wait in long lines to gain audiences with many governors and sheriffs. Sometimes, waiting for hours to see several authorities brought no results, much to the frustration of the people.

The current king and his advisors were fine with letting the policies and systems continue unchanged regardless of the headaches they caused. Instead, they were obsessed with newness, change, and what they called progress. The land was indeed prosperous under the king's rule, but his desire for only the newest things (including people and ideas), combined with his desire to fill the treasury with gold, made him impatient with anyone or anything that did not fit with those objectives. His subjects lived in constant dread that he would tire of their services and banish them from his presence, removing them from their  houses and land.

Recently, his attention had turned to the people of the land of EMC, who had been conquered long ago. Most were highly skilled in the craft of storage and were able to provide solutions that prevented him from acquiring more gold with his latest contraptions. Though they had plenty of years of work left in them, the king and his advisors thought of ways to force them out.

Sometimes, he would raise their taxes and rent, and they would be forced to move on. Other times, he lost patience and would send them a banishment notice, evicting them at the end of the season. Several had already received the Doom, as the notice was called.

The Doom. We hereby declare that NL400 Isilon, HD400 Isilon and H410 Isilon from the 29th of February in the year 2024 are banished from the Kingdom of Dell. Some fine print gibberish follows.

The Tavern Scene

One evening, the brothers headed off to the tavern after a long day's work. Power Connect, the barkeep, bustled around serving ale and gathering scraps of news and gossip as he went. As they entered, he called out to the Isilon brothers, “You have a message from the palace.”

Medieval tavern bar

The brothers were filled with dread, and a hush settled in over the tavern — everyone knew what misfortune the notice would contain. NL400 broke the wax seal and read their fate aloud.

"We hereby declare that NL400 Isilon, HD400 Isilon, and X410 Isilon from the 29th of February in the year 2024 are banished from the Kingdom of Dell..." His voice faded to a whisper. X410's face was white as HD400 went up to the bar to retrieve their jugs of ale.

"Where will we go? What will we do?" croaked X410, "We're doomed to banishment. To be tossed aside when there is so much life and work left in me is unbearable." A raspy voice from deep in the shadowy corner called out, "There's another way," The three brothers peered into the dark corner where a table was tucked in shadow. "Who's there?"

"I'm known as AS400 in these parts. I was banished long ago from the neighboring kingdom of IBM, and I have wandered far, seen many things, and had many adventures," came the voice as a wizened old man leaned forward into view. "Sit down and hear my tales, for you will hear many strange and wild things. Bring another round of ales for tale-telling is thirsty work."

The brothers sat down at the table with the ancient creature. He seemed so old, and the network of wrinkles that lined his face and hands were like a web, and yet spry he still seemed despite his age.

Old man with white beard and wrinkles on his face

How could one endure banishment for so long? they wondered. How could one survive with no support or protection from the king's guard?

AS400 and the Fabled Land of TPM

Path through meadow with view of green hills, trees and sunrise.

"Of my many travels, you'll be wanting to know about the land beyond the forest — there are many that call it Aftermarket Hardware Support, but that's a mouthful for this tale. Some still call it TPM, and that's a might easier in the telling. Whatever you call it, it's a land where you can go after the Doom comes for you — where you can work, have purpose, and be free."

As AS400 told the tale of the land of TPM, the Isilon brothers sat forward, and the dejected slump of their shoulders began to straighten. AS400 told tales of a land tucked in a lush and fertile valley. He told of freedom, finding purpose, and the ability to continue in the craft of storage without the support of the king of Dell.

He told of different settlements in the land, some large and imposing but with many of the same problems one faced in Dell. The bureaucracy and bondage to rules and regulations did not sound particularly appealing. Still they supposed it would be better to be in any settlement in the land of TPM than cast into outer darkness.

The Fortress of M Global

There was one settlement that intrigued the Isilon brothers most of all. Further in the land of TPM, tucked into a particularly lovely glen, was a walled city. Called M Global Service or MGS to the locals, it was a fortress strong and fine, surrounded by abundant fields of crops and orchards.  A sweet, clear stream bubbled over rocks. It sounded wonderful - thick, high walls for protection but plenty of space and freedom. And none of the bureaucracy that had crept into the larger settlements of TPM.

Is The Land Of Third Party Maintenance Safe?

"Why don't more go to the land of TPM? One would think everyone receiving their Doom notice would go," said HD400.

"Ahh, a fine question. In fact, many do go — even those who have not received the Doom yet, for the promise of freedom is very alluring. But the king and his governors do not want that. It shifts control and diverts gold from entering the treasury. The governors and sheriffs discourage talking about the land of TPM, and if that fails, rumors of peril and danger are circulated to frighten those who might be tempted to go." AS400 leaned back and took a swallow of ale. His eyes became misted and distant as if seeing memories long since past.

"The stories are not entirely made up — though they are often embellished and told in a misleading way. The forest does indeed hold many dangers. I have been in banishment for many long years and have wandered far and wide, yet I would not tarry longer than necessary in these woods. The lands beyond are worth the trek and any perils. Without the protection of the king's guards (I know you are familiar with WarrenTee and his sheriffs), there are any number of hazards in the forest. Once out of the forest and if you dwell in the lands of TPM, you are perfectly safe, but it is best to have your wits about you when traveling through the forest. "

"Many paths wander through the trees, and it is easy to lose your way. Some say the trees move about and obscure paths on purpose, though I can't say for certain if that's true. Deep in the heart of the forest, the trees are so thick that no light reaches the forest floor, and the shadows can play tricks on the mind, causing some to lose their memories and wander until they perish.

Luckily, settlements from TPM send messengers into the forest traveling to and fro in case of emergencies, and they help many who have lost their way. Be on your guard, though; not everyone you meet is a friend - swindlers and tricksters also dwell in the forest preying on the weak."

Mysterious forest scene with fog and swamp

The Forest Path

The brothers were enthralled with AS400's stories of the land beyond the forest — could it be true? Was there such a place? The warnings of the dangerous path and the hazards they might encounter were alarming, but the draw of wide open spaces, freedom, and the ability to continue life with purpose was great. The Isilon brothers decided to begin their journey without delay.

A path through a forest with trees making a canopy above with some sunlight coming through

The next morning, the Isilon brothers set out on the forest path. They were alone, for it was yet early, and many were still frightened of the stories encouraged by the king's men. But it's difficult to be afraid when the sun is shining, and one is full of fresh hope, so the brothers walked with purpose and light hearts.

The path, though not menacing, was very quiet and still. It had a mysterious feel, an expectancy perhaps, almost as if the trees were holding their breath to see what would happen next.

Suddenly, X410 tripped over a hidden tree root; one could almost swear it hadn't been there a moment before. He lay face-first on the path for a moment to catch his bearings. "You're bleeding!" NL400 cried, "You must have hit your head on something sharp — you're bleeding all over the place!"

"We better rest for a bit," HD400 said worriedly, "That cut looks nasty and deep." HD400 took a strip of cloth and tried to bandage the wound. X410's face was turning pale. NL400 and HD400 led X410 to a spot just off the path with logs just right for resting on. Just then, a merry whistle could be heard through the trees.

The Trickster From the Forest of eBay

"Hoho! Heyhey! What have we here?" called out a little man as he came strolling up the path. "Has old man Ash tripped you? Hard drive wounds always look worse than they are. We'll soon put it to rights, don't you worry!" His singsong voice and soothing words belied a cunning glint in his eyes.

"I have just the thing to take away all your troubles. This ointment I make myself will cure all your problems and make things as good as new. And just because I like the look of you, I'll give you a deal - half price, seeing as how you're in a bad way and all."

The Isilon brothers were grateful to have a solution fall in their laps so easily and gladly paid from their meager supply of gold coins. As soon as the little man pocketed the coins, he began to hurry down the path. "Good as new... you'll be right as rain in no time..." his voice faded as he disappeared from sight.

Super close up of a man's face with beard and moustache that has the ends waxed. His face shows a semi-sinister smile.

After washing the wound again and laying a thick layer of the ointment, X410 lay down in the soft underbrush. "I feel a little dizzy," he mumbled. "Who are you? Where am I?" His face became flushed, and his eyes rolled back in his head before losing consciousness. NL400 and HD400 looked at one another in alarm, "What was in that stuff? Did we poison him?? We must get help!" The brothers carried X410, who was by now burning with fever. Ahead, they noticed a small inn and hurried in to see if help could be found.

The Traveler from M Global

An innkeeper bustled over to them, "Oh dear! Oh dear! I see you have been traveling through the forest of eBay and have had an accident. Well! You are in luck — a guest staying in the inn may be able to help. He is from the fortress of M Global, where they are known for their healing ways. I shall send the kitchen boy to fetch him."

Fantasy like image of man with hood and sword

In came a man dressed in a plain cloak, but a shining sword hung by his side, and the dignity and strength in his bearing filled the brothers with hope. As he opened his pack, the brothers saw the many salves, herbs, and instruments for healing work.

His confident manner and searching questions put the brothers at ease in his presence. They told him of the tree root, the fall, the little man who had appeared so suddenly, and the ointment they had purchased. As they told their tale, the man worked quickly with skilled hands, removing the ointment and cleansing the wound. He searched through his bag as he spoke.

"One must be extra careful in this section of the forest — the trees are known to be a little peculiar, and the dwellers of eBay capitalize on the misfortunes of others. They are not true healers, learned in the ways of medicine, so they can not understand what the problem is, and often, their treatments and salves do more harm than good. This hard drive ointment looks like it might have been improperly configured and not compatible. That can be quite dangerous, causing memory loss, madness, and in some cases even death."

He pulled a salve from his bag. "This should revive him. This hard drive treatment is designed to work with his system and should work quickly." X410 stirred and murmured before opening his eyes. He was a little confused at first, as to be expected, but he mended quickly, and his brothers were filled with joy.

"Thank you! Oh, thank you! We don't even know your name! They say you are from the fortress of M Global," HD400 said eagerly, "Is that true? Is it like the tales?"

"The man smiled, "You are most welcome. Yes, on both counts. I am from M Global, and it's every bit as wonderful as you have heard. Helping and healing is what we do in M Global. Come and dwell in the fortress if you like — our walls are strong, and the land is full of opportunity. Speak my name at the gate, and you shall be accorded a special dispensation (a discount on your dwelling place). I am called Bill WiseOne. I must be getting back; I have a far journey today. Farewell, and I hope to see you soon in the fortress of M Global."

And with that, Bill had packed his supplies and began his journey across the fields to the forest path.

Man with monk-like hood walking away across field

The Adventure Continues

And so the Isilon brothers... How will the story end? Will the Isilon brothers NL400, HD400, & X410 journey to the settlement of M Global? What adventures will they encounter along the way? You get to decide how the story ends.

If you're wondering what to do if your devices have received their notice of Doom (EOSL announcements), we've got a whole section of our website dedicated to EOSL Resources including EOSL advice, warranty check information, EOSL dates, EOSL Prep Checklists, and more. Don't let EOSL dates fill you with Doom!

Join Us In the Land Of M Global

If your Dell devices have been given their Doom and can no longer get support, or if you are tired of dwelling in the land of Dell and want to live in the fortress of M Global, you are most welcome! Much like the Isilon brothers in our story, if you use the code BILL WISEONE when talking to us about support, you'll get a discount.

Give us a call at 1-855-304-4600 or fill out a form to step through the gate to the find out more about the land of M Global!

Open door of a secret entrance into a new place

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Author Note:

By Angie Stephens with contributions from experts at M Global.

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