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M Global Services has been a trusted leader in IBM maintenance and hardware support since 2003. We partner with clients in the US and abroad to deliver expert third party maintenance for IBM servers and storage equipment including the IBM Power, AS400, and iSeries, xSeries, pSeries, IBM BladeCenters, System p, DS series, & N series. Have hardware that's gone EOSL? We provide end-of-service-life and end-of-warranty support for all IBM devices.


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IBM Server & Storage Models We Support

  • We support a full range of IBM servers including EOSL devices and those that have reached the end of their warranty. If you don't see your device, give us a call at 1-888-966-8934 or fill out our contact form. There's a good chance we can offer you support.

    IBM iSeries AS/400

    • IBM 9405 i5 / 520
    • IBM 9405 i5 / 525
    • IBM 9405 i5 / 550
    • IBM 9406 i5 / 520
    • IBM 9406 i5 / 550
    • IBM 9406 i5 / 570
    • IBM 9406 i6 / MMA
    • AS/400 150/250
    • AS/400 170/270

    IBM Power Systems

    • Power 5
    • Power 6
    • Power 7
    • Power 8

    IBM pSeries RS/6000

    • 7315-C02
    • RS/6000 140/150/170
    • RS/6000 240/260/270
    • RS/6000 505/510/51A

    IBM xSeries

    • xSeries 336
    • xSeries 345
    • xSeries 3500 / 3550
    • xSeries 2550M2 / M3 / M4
    • xSeries 3650 / 3650M2 / M3 / M4
    • xSeries 3850 / 3950

    IBM BladeCenter

    • BladeCenter E8677
    • BladeCenter H — HC10, HS12, HS20 / HS21, HS22 / HS23, HT / HX5
    • BladeCenter S7779

    IBM Flex System

    • Flex System 8731
    • Flex System X240
    • Flex System X440

    IBM PureFlex

    • PureFlex 7893
    • PureFlex 7953
    • PureFlex 7955

    IBM ZSeries Mainframe

    • z114
    • z800
    • z890
  • We provide IBM storage maintenance on a full range of devices on current and EOSL equipment.  If you don't see your device, give us a call at 1-888-966-8934 or fill out our contact form. There's a good chance we can offer you support.


    IBM DS Series

    • IBM DS3512 / DS3524
    • IBM DS4700
    • IBM DS5100
    • IBM DS8000 / DS8100 / DS8300
    • IBM EXP100 / EXP420 / EXP520 / EXP810

    IBM N Series

    • IBM N3300 / N3400
    • IBM N3700 / N3600
    • IBM N5200 / N5300
    • IBM N5600 / N6210

    IBM Storwize

    • Storwize V3700
    • Storwize V5000
    • Storwize V7000

    IBM SVC Series

    • IBM 2145-8G4
    • IBM 2145-CF8
    • IBM 2145-CG8
    • IBM 2145-DH8

    IBM PureData Systems

    • N1001 series
    • N2001 series
    • N2002 series

    IBM TS Series

    • IBM TS3100
    • IBM TS3310
    • IBM TS7520
    • IBM TS7740

    IBM ESS Series

    • IBM 2105 (Shark)

    IBM XIV Series

    • XIVG2
    • XIVG3
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What to Expect from M Global Services IBM Support


Reduce costs for IBM support & maintenance

Cut costs by up to 70 percent when you switch to TPM from manufacturer support and maintenance.


24/7 service coverage

Response times of four hours or less and access to a dedicated team 24/7.


Don’t wait for the IBM parts you need

We customize the stocking strategy to fit your needs so you don't have to wait for parts.


Support for current and End of Support Life (EOSL) IBM devices

No longer have IBM support but aren't ready to upgrade? We got you. We support and maintain both EOSL and current IBM devices.


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Support & Maintenance for IBM Users


Depending on your SLA, IBM hardware support service requests are sent to one of our help desk engineers who will open a service ticket and begin troubleshooting right away. A case manager will then be assigned to your request for the entirety of the process—no more getting bounced around from engineer to engineer. If more help is needed, IBM subject matter experts (SMEs) with specialized expertise are brought onto the ticket. 


Once a solution is found, we handle all of the logistics—taking care of all the parts shipping, receiving, and stocking that needs to happen before the task can be performed. We'll then schedule a field engineer to come on-site and fix your IBM device. After your request is taken care of and all parties agree on a proper resolution, your IBM service ticket will be closed.


We'll help to make sure you know exactly what's included in your SLA before signing a contract with us. It's our goal to set clear expectations and eliminate future surprises for our clients. We can also fully customize your IBM server, storage, or EOSL support maintenance contracts to ensure you get the exact services you need.

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Personalized IBM Support Services


With our fully customizable contracts and experienced IBM engineers, we can create the perfect support plan for your IBM devices. Worried about commonly failed parts and want to stock twenty extra cache batteries and power drives on-site? We can make that happen. Your SLA can be completely unique to you and your business. 


Whether you're a small business looking to cover a single EOSL server or an enterprise company needing support for your diverse portfolio of server and storage devices, M Global has your back for all things IBM. Feel free to ask us anything about our IBM SLAs and support contracts.


Our client transparency and OEM-specific expertise set us apart from other IBM maintenance support providers. Give us a call or fill out a quote form to see the difference for yourself.

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