A Note From Steve: Our Greatest Strength

A Note From Steve on the MGS Greatest Strength

It can be tricky to articulate what sets our business apart in a way that will mean something real — what we do really well has become a cliche that everyone talks about but few deliver on.

I hesitate to even say the words "customer service" because they've become cringey and an almost meaningless term, like when you say chimney 20x in a row, and it starts to feel like it's not a real word.

An unfortunate byproduct is that people can give up thinking it's even an expectation to care about — like "meh" service is just fine. I think the marketplace is so full of sales B.S. and unfulfilled promises that customers have become used to it and are ok with it.

Steve Oono, CEO of M Global Services

We want to disrupt that notion and offer something surprising — actually good service. Maybe we won't be able to change expectations overnight or even get people to believe it before they see it. And that's ok. We'll still be over in M Global Land doing our thing and knocking it out of the park because we want our customers to leave every interaction with us feeling like it was a positive experience.

The Potential Side Effects of Superior Service

If you do decide to test us out, beware of the possible side effects.  Expectations may grow to the point that if another vendor is unresponsive or not following through, you'll care enough to demand more. You'll get used to fast responses, honest communication, great prices, and trust building.

You might even acquire such a taste for the support good life that you'll never want to go back to "meh" service again. Haha! You've been warned!

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Thoughts by Steve Oono

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